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Seven Reasons to Volunteer with ISPI

Seven Reasons to Volunteer with ISPI

Volunteering for your professional home is rewarding and also gives back to your community. ISPI has opportunities to volunteer and expand not only your network, but also the number of your professional contacts as you interact with other performance improvement professionals. In these uncertain economic times, it is always a good idea to keep your professional contacts list expanding at every opportunity. The purpose of the ISPI Volunteer Network is to link ISPI members with volunteer opportunities within ISPI.

From the Board</br>Volunteering: It Is as Much about Getting as Giving

From the Board
Volunteering: It Is as Much about Getting as Giving

While ISPI relies heavily on its members to volunteer their services, there is another side to that coin: The members rely on ISPI to provide them with a framework that allows them to serve. The numerous volunteers within our Society are effectively the “glue” that holds both the local chapters and the international organization together.

From the Board:<br/>ISPI’s Volunteer Performance Management System

From the Board:
ISPI’s Volunteer Performance Management System

When it comes to volunteering, ISPI is well known for welcoming each and every member to take part in committees and to get actively involved.