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This Year (so far) in Review: The <em>Performance Improvement</em> Journal

This Year (so far) in Review: The Performance Improvement Journal

This year has been a great year for the Performance Improvement journal (PIJ). Dr. Pershing has done an amazing job keeping the pages of the journal full of performance improving content that leaves us thirsty for more. We know the journals are not something you read only once, they are inspiration, references, and research that keep your neurons and synapses firing.

<em>Performance Improvement Journal:</em> September Issue

Performance Improvement Journal: September Issue

The September issue of the Performance Improvement journal starts with details on the adaptation of ISPI’s performance improvement standards and models in Rwanda in an effort to initiate a human and institutional development program to strengthen local government agencies and the civil society, explained by Steven Kelly and John Palmucci. The next article by Aurora Seguinot Cruz and Dwayne Dunn is a case study on improving customer satisfaction, quality, and performance involving a cable service provider and would be an insight for those practicing human performance technology (HPT).

<em>Performance Improvement</em> Journal: May/June Issue

Performance Improvement Journal: May/June Issue

In this issue, Dr. Pershing explores articles from seasoned professionals and new up-and-comers in the industry. Roger Chevalier opens this issue with a powerful piece taking a look at his approach and tools in workplace performance. He then further explores a hot topic of big data and how it can provide companies with more of an edge. Continuing in the workplace, and diving into the topic of performance management, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, Tye Deines, and Tracy Carsten present a different approach on this topic. The issue is then rounded out with an amazing piece from the past, written by none other than Thomas Gilbert. Marilyn Gilbert was kind enough to supply this wonderful piece to the journal readers.

The Performance Improvement Journal–August Issue

The Performance Improvement Journal–August Issue

Welcome to the August issue of the Performance Improvement journal (PIJ). This great issue is jam-packed with must-read articles from Allen Jones; Julianne Manchester; Giuseppe Maria Russo, PhD; Patricia Amélia Tomei, PhD; Antonio Braga José Linhares; André Moreira Santos; and Susan P. Johnstal, PhD.

Performance Improvement Journal—May/June Issue

Performance Improvement Journal—May/June Issue

Welcome to the double-month issue, May/June of the Performance Improvement journal. This issue is packed with ground-shaking articles from Jacques Ascher and his Training Transfer, along with a journey from Frank Fu, Hong Yi, and Nanji Zhai into the Training to Improve New Product Sales Performance that will keep the pages turning. Jim Hill lets us in on insight into the Cloud, and Mariano Bernardez and Roger Kaufman bring us into turning Social Capital into Social Performance.