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Flow State–Creating Optimal Workplace Experiences

Flow State–Creating Optimal Workplace Experiences

I recently read that Accenture will abandon their annual performance review system in place of a more fluid system that provides timely feedback to people. The replacement of traditional performance review programs has become a growing trend in recent years for many organizations; and as professionals working in the area of human performance, this is a great opportunity to help shape the future of workplace performance.

From the Board: The Demise of Traditional Performance Management Systems

From the Board: The Demise of Traditional Performance Management Systems

Over decades, organizations have been fixated on performance management systems where individual performance is measured and rated. Managers are trying to improve the performance and productivity of people and yet, sometimes, without success.

<i>Performance Improvement</i> Journal: November/December Issue

Performance Improvement Journal: November/December Issue

In 2014’s final issue of the Performance Improvement journal–November/December, 53(10)–you will find an issue loaded with nourishing food for thought on learning and development; performance improving models; distance training; human performance technology (HPT) used to improve performance in India; and a review of a book on performance management coauthored by Aubrey Daniels, one of the keynote speakers from the 2014 Performance Improvement Conference.

<em>“How many times do I have to tell you?”</em>

“How many times do I have to tell you?”

“How many times do I have to tell you?” Have you ever found yourself in your business or personal life saying something similar? Unfortunately, this is an all too common phrase, sometimes spoken or thought after someone fails to follow your instruction or direction.

<em>Performance Improvement</em> Journal: May/June Issue

Performance Improvement Journal: May/June Issue

In this issue, Dr. Pershing explores articles from seasoned professionals and new up-and-comers in the industry. Roger Chevalier opens this issue with a powerful piece taking a look at his approach and tools in workplace performance. He then further explores a hot topic of big data and how it can provide companies with more of an edge. Continuing in the workplace, and diving into the topic of performance management, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, Tye Deines, and Tracy Carsten present a different approach on this topic. The issue is then rounded out with an amazing piece from the past, written by none other than Thomas Gilbert. Marilyn Gilbert was kind enough to supply this wonderful piece to the journal readers.

Reengaging the Frontline in Performance Improvement

Reengaging the Frontline in Performance Improvement

Modern day performance improvement (PI) and total quality management (TQM) efforts owe much to the precedent set by quality circles and participative management of the early 1980s. These initiatives were collaborative efforts of teams or frontline workers focused on identifying problems and developing solutions to them. Initially the focus was on environmental factors related to the quality of work life, but they then soon evolved into efforts targeted to improve product or service quality.

<em>Performance Improvement Quarterly 26(4)</em>

Performance Improvement Quarterly 26(4)

Welcome to another issue of Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ)! In this issue of PIQ, edited by Ingrid Guerra-López, PhD, we focus on a variety of influences of performance improvement factors. However, Dr. Guerra-López sums it up best with her well-delivered editor’s notes.