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How Savvy Is Your Customer Care Team?

How Savvy Is Your Customer Care Team?

There is nothing new about how central your customers are to your organization’s bottom line and credibility. Not too long ago the customer care department within an organization was often regarded as a nonstrategic unit and was more likely to be outsourced to a developing nation that had a large English-speaking workforce and low hourly wages.

<i>Performance Improvement Journal</i>–October Issue

Performance Improvement Journal–October Issue

Welcome to the October issue of the Performance Improvement journal (PIJ). This issue of the journal is the final issue co-edited by Darlene Van Tiem and James Moseley, and it reflects upon the seeds of ideas that will result in future talent and plentiful growth. This issue offers thoughts of nourishment in the form of knowledge-building articles written by William Roth, Donald Dinero, Balkrishna Narkhede, Rakesh Raut, Bhushan Patil, Subhash Mahajan, and Alan Clardy. Find a comfortable spot to get cozy in and start watering these seeds of knowledge; let them flourish into fruitful ideas that will keep going and further develop your own process of thinking.