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<i>Performance Improvement</i> Journal: March Issue

Performance Improvement Journal: March Issue

In the most recent issue of the Performance Improvement journal–March, 54(3)–you will find an issue loaded with nourishing food for thought, picked from the tree of self-reflection, that will help us discover which direction we can further grow to reach our goals; performance improvement told in a continually changing story; scenario-based learning; a closer look at change management and the confusion that accompanies it; and a new introduction to an article from the past on research and theory to practice and the original article published in April 2000.

<em>Performance Improvement Journal:</em> February Issue

Performance Improvement Journal: February Issue

Welcome to the February issue of the Performance Improvement journal (PIJ). This issue of the journal, edited by James Pershing, CPT, PhD, is an introduction to the make-or-break month of New Year’s resolutions. He gives a nod to the Welsh, calling February the “little month.”