GlennBookCoverThe SMART goal framework is documented in more than 400 books, taught in countless workshops, and used by organizations around the world. It is popular, but it does not appear to be working. Half of American employees are unclear about what they are supposed to do at work, while 78% of employees are dissatisfied with the performance review process. To combat this issue, author Glenn Hughes embarked on a three-year project to make SMART goals more effective. The result was, SMART as Hell.

Glenn’s research has been presented annually at ISPI conferences since 2009; his “Aggressively S.E.T.” tool was featured in PerformanceXpress ( in 2011; and now Glenn’s tools are available to performance consultants, managers, trainers, and employees everywhere.

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“Those who have attended my sessions know that–while my research of more than 30,000 goals was deep and analytical–I have a very conversational, interactive presentation style,” says Hughes. “I wanted to maintain that tone, while delivering all of the tools that a user needs to create great goals. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Through a visual approach, A Graphic Guide to Writing SMART as Hell Goals captures both the content and tone of my conference presentations, allowing readers to experience the depth of my work through the eyes of a struggling employee. Everyone can identify with this story. Finally, by the way, we have a book where the consultant is the hero!”

From the Back Cover

A Graphic Guide to Writing SMART as Hell Goals follows Mickey, a new employee, on his journey from SMART to SMART as Hell. In this fast-paced comic book by award-winning author Glenn Hughes, you’ll watch Mickey rebound from a failed meeting with his boss Amy, by getting clarity around his goals and actions. Written for any one who writes or receives goals, Mickey’s story will benefit employees, leaders, managers, trainers, teachers, coaches, and HR professionals. A Graphic Guide to Writing SMART as Hell Goals is packed with tools, tips, and techniques for driving action, alignment, and achievement.

On this journey, you’ll learn to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of a goal using the SMARTometer Lite
  • Measure of quality of data using the Data Confidence Rubric
  • Identify whether a goal is Aggressively S.E.T. 
  • Predict the intended and unintended consequences of a goal or action using the Ripple Map
  • Brainstorm the ingredients of a goal using the SMARTsheet
  • Create a SMART as Hell goal, using the SMARTstoryboard

from Thiagi's Foreword

A Graphic Guide to Writing SMART as Hell Goals includes:

  • A foreword by interactive learning guru Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan (here)
  • A companion website with downloadable documents (here)
  • A reflection and discussion guide for facilitators and reading groups (here)

What They Are Saying

“Glenn is especially strong at taking seemingly unconnected concepts and putting them together in such a way as to make something innovative and useful. He understands the need for tools that all of us can use.”

–Jim Kirkpatrick, PhD, Kirkpatrick Partners, co-author of Training on TrialEvaluating Training Programs, and Implementing the Four Levels


“Glenn is a walking encyclopedia of the best thinking on management, leadership, and collaboration. Every manager and leader needs SMART as Hell. Like the great coach he is, Glenn prods, provokes action, entertains, and inspires.”

– Edward Muzio, author, Make Work Great & Four Secrets to Liking Your Work

“The bottom line is that Glenn really is SMART as Hell. Now his genius is available for all to use. It’s at your fingertips; it’s within eyesight; and it’s within hearing distance, depending on which format of this book you’ve gained access to.”

– Brent Bloom, Vice-President, Applied Materials, Inc.

Book Details:

Published: September 30, 2015, by SAH Publishing

Business & Economics: 236 Pages, over 400 black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 9780989465540
Paperback Price: $24.99
e-book: $9.99

Available at: 

Amazon.comiTunes, and

About Glenn Hughes


Glenn Hughes is an award-winning author, photographer, facilitator, and learning leader who works as senior director of learning and development at KLA-Tencor. KLA-Tencor’s learning organization was recognized in 2008 as a charter member of Training magazine’s “Training Top 10 Hall of Fame” after placing in the world’s Top 10 Training Organizations for five consecutive years. Glenn is also the founder of SMART as Hell, a company that helps individuals and organizations “change their world one goal at a time.” Through its research, SMART as Hell shares tools and best practices in goal writing and achievement, including the groundbreaking “SMARTometer,” a tool for measuring the effectiveness of goals.

In 2014, Photo Jolts!, co-authored by Glenn and Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, received ISPI’s Outstanding Human Performance Improvement Communication Award. Glenn has received five Facilitation Impact Awards from the International Association of Facilitators, recognizing the world-class results that he and his clients have achieved. He frequently speaks at ATD, ISPI, and Lakewood’s Training Conferences. Glenn holds a master’s degree in Adult Education and Training and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Glenn will be presenting at ISPI 2016 in Philadelphia.