IstanbulFocus on People and Performance:  Beyond Training to Organization Results

ISPI EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) invites you to join us in Istanbul, Turkey, for our 14th conference October 1-3, 2015!

For anyone who missed last month’s article about the ISPI EMEA conference in Istanbul, we cordially invite you to visit our website at or our blog at, where you will be able to access videos and feedback reports from several of our most recent conferences, containing participant reactions and reasons they come back every year.  Of course, while you are there you will be able to learn more about our plans for 2015 in Istanbul. In addition to our great presenters with their compelling session topics, we believe that what you will learn about in our innovative, active–interactive format will capture your attention and, hopefully, spark your imagination.  If you decide to join us in Istanbul, you too can become part of what is sure to be an exciting learning and sharing event.

ISPI EMEA conferences consistently attract participants who are
Highly skilled, experienced, and eager to learn and share.

Following is a sample of what you will experience at the ISPI EMEA Istanbul conference.

Pre-conference Workshops

There are six three-hour workshops and one full-day workshop, designed to provide immediately applicable knowledge, skills, and tools. Following is a selection of topics for our 2015 Pre-conference Workshops. Please visit our Pre-conference Workshops page, for facilitator bios and session descriptions.

Workshop Title Facilitator(s)
Introduction to Human Performance Technology (HPT) / Performance Improvement Anthony Marker, CPT, PhD
Roger Addison, CPT, PhD
How to Turn Employees into Intrapreneurs Anne Haker, Christian Voelkl
From Assessment to Institutional Performance Improvement–Public Sector Context of the Kyrgyz Republic Maia Gogoladze, Uran Bolush, Vladimir, Shiriaev, Felix Shapiro
Unlocking the Contribution of Culture to Performance John Lazar, Jay Patel
Stop SWOTing, Start SOARing to Generate Strategic Organizational Results Sylvia Lee

Introducing Temel Kotil (CEO, Turkish Airlines), a Proven Leader and a Keynote You Do Not Want to Miss!

We always strive to invite to serve as our keynote professionals or senior executives who are able to contribute relevant, insightful ideas that are related to the conference theme and the general intent of our conferences, which is to provide uniquely valuable resources, within a participative atmosphere and an enriched environment that directly supports learning and sharing. Our keynotes are people who have made and continue to make a difference in their own organizations and who, themselves, never stop learning, growing, or striving for improved results for their organizations, the marketplace, or operating environment in which the organization works and the world or society to which all organizations ultimately contribute. We are very fortunate to be able to announce Dr. Temel Kotil as our keynote speaker for 2015! Read his brief bio below for some highlights of his experience and accomplishments.

TemelKotilDr. Temel Kotil

Born in 1959, Mr. Kotil graduated from the Aeronautical Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 1983. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1991. After founding and managing the Aviation and Advanced Composite Laboratories of ITU, he also served as chair and associate dean of the faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering. He served as the head of the Research Planning and Coordination Department for the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

Returning to the United States for a second time in 2001, he served as guest professor at the University of Illinois, followed by a position of research engineer in Advanced Innovative Technologies Inc., in Troy, New York, between 2002 and 2003.

Dr. Kotil started his career with Turkish Airlines in 2003, as the deputy general manager for Turkish Technic, Inc. He became the CEO of Turkish Airlines in 2005. Dr. Kotil has served on the Board of Governors of IATA (International Air Transportation Association) since 2006 and on the Board of Directors of AEA (Association of European Airlines) since 2010. Dr. Kotil, married with four children, has authored many articles and publications in aeronautical science journals, and papers for seminars and conferences.

A Panel of Senior Executives Takes on the Topic of “Beyond Training to Organization Results”

One of the perennial highlights of ISPI EMEA conferences, the Senior Executive Panel, is scheduled for Saturday, October 2. Participants at the conference will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with a panel of senior executives with diverse backgrounds in a special two-hour session. We have invited respected senior executives from a cross-section of well-known organizations who are willing to share their thoughts and insights with our conference participants. We are delighted to begin to introduce our 2015 senior executive panelists for this highlighted event, where participants will hear directly from these senior executives about the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today, their thoughts on moving beyond training to a focus on achieving organization results, and how we as performance improvement professionals can potentially contribute to organization results in a meaningful way. Questions to guide this discussion are created from ideas suggested by conference registrants in advance of the conference. There is also time within the two-hour session for questions and comments directly from session participants.

Senior Executive Panelists

TemelKotilDr. Temel Kotil, CEO Turkish Airlines – We are very fortunate that Dr. Kotil has agreed to participate in our Senior Executive Panel, in addition to being our keynote, based on his relationship with Yildiz Technical University, our host/partner for this year’s conference. Please refer to his brief bio included above.

AhnetMuratHancerAhmet Murat Hancer, General Manager, Enocta – Ahmet Murat Hancer graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1994. Mr. Hançer started working in the Inspection Committee of İş Bankası (Turkey’s first public bank and premier national financial institution). Leaving his position at İş Bankası in 1996, he went to the United States to participate in courses, seminars, and projects on e-learning and corporate distance learning.

From 1999 on, he worked with the U.S.-based LearnLinc Corp. on virtual classroom applications in Turkey. In the meantime he took courses and seminars on e-learning in the, mainly focusing on active learning models, adult learning environments, structuring of corporate learning systems, integration of virtual classroom applications with distance learning models, structuring of corporate distance learning programs, and asynchronous learning models. He has worked in the implementation of corporate distance learning platforms as a consultant and project manager, taking part in the team that designed and implemented the first corporate virtual training centers and virtual classrooms in Turkey.

Mr. Hancer is a founding partner of AB Software, the first company and pioneer in the structuring of corporate distance learning programs and production of adult-learning software in Turkey. Following the merger of AB Software and Enocta in 2002, he worked as an assistant director-general of Corporate Implementation and Content Production. In 2008, he became general manager of Enocta. He is now the CEO of Enocta since 2014.

MuminKaveciMümin Kahveci, General Manager, IETT, Istanbul Public Bus Transportation Authority – Mümin Kahveci graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He began his career as an engineer in the Social Security General Directorate.

Between the years 1986 and 1988, he worked as an engineer and as a chief in Eskisehir Aircraft Factory. Later, he went to England and the United States as a visiting scholar. He taught at Ankara University (1989-1992), Kırıkkale University (1992-1995), and Başkent University (1993-1996).

He worked as a training manager and as a head manager in Ankara Metro connected to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (1995-2000). He worked as the Technical Affairs assistant general manager in Ulaşım A.Ş connected to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (2000-2008). He was appointed as the assistant general manager to IETT in July 2009. He became the IETT, Istanbul Public Bus Transportation Authority, proxy general manager in May 2014.

Announcing the ISPI EMEA 2015 Simulation Client Organization

An experience not to be missed . . .

An original simulation, based on a real organization within its operating reality, which forms the centerpiece for each conference, is an ISPI EMEA tradition. And, it is a tradition that adds a great deal to the value of these learning and sharing events. This year’s simulation client will be IETT, the Istanbul Public Bus Transportation Authority. We are excited to bring this client organization to our 2015 Conference through the efforts of our host/partner, Yildiz Technical University. IETT provides an essential public service to the large, diverse, and dynamic city of Istanbul, and, as such, it is an organization with global relevance, facing many challenges.

If you would like the rare and valuable opportunity to work with this real client with real issues and opportunities, as a member of a diverse team in the safe environment of our ISPI EMEA conference, there is time to make your plans and join us in Istanbul! As a public service provider, an agency of the Istanbul Municipal government and an organization with roots going back to the late 1800s, IETT will be a particularly interesting client. Where else will you be able to gain such valuable real-world experience that is also “safe,” secure, and fun?

A Public Service Provider

Please see the following website link for more information about our 2015 simulation client, the Istanbul Bus Transportation Authority (IETT):

Concurrent Sessions

Following are examples of the concurrent sessions that will be presented in Istanbul. Visit the Concurrent Sessions page on our website for session topics, facilitator bios, and session descriptions.

Session Title Presenter/Facilitator
Creating a Performance-Oriented Culture Randal Joy Thompson, CPT, PhD
How to Capture the Best Performance Fabrizio Bocci
Building a Performance Improvement Practice Steven J. Kelly, CPT
Mari Novak, CPT
How to Ensure Mutual Project Success Martin E Zink, CPT, SPHR
Vaughan P. Houger, CPT, PhD
Making Every Manager a Performance Consultant Johan Ginyard
Cynthia Riha
The HICD Decade: Was HPT the Game Changer in International Development? Tanja Georgievska, CPT
Maja Joakim, CPT, MBA
It’s Installed–but for How Long? Ed Schneider, CPT, PhD
Carol M. Panza, CPT, MBA
Leading in Uncertain Times: What We Can Do to Improve the Odds John Lazar
Learning Partnership: Embedding Monitoring and Evaluation Models in Organizations in Emerging Markets Kanybek Konokbaev
Leading from Strengths: Changing Culture, Refocusing Training, Generating Organizational Results Sylvia Lee, DpAdEd., BA, MAM, EdD (in progress)
A Metaphorical Model for Human Performance: Relating the Abstract Concepts of Thermodynamics to Ordinary Events of Life Saeid Shahmansouri
Performance Improvement Challenges in Vietnam Mari Novak, CPT
Hoang Van, MA


Benefits of Participation

We at ISPI EMEA feel that we have established a way to make our conference a unique experience. The challenges and related opportunities currently facing all organizations command the attention of executives concerned with strategic direction, managers focused on ongoing operations, and performance improvement professionals. You should definitely plan to join us in Istanbul if you value any or all of the following:

  • A dynamic, learning and sharing environment, where people are seeking to improve their own, their organization’s, or their clients’ performance
  • A simulation experience that runs throughout the conference and allows participants to be exposed to performance challenges from real life, but in a safe, supportive environment
  • An event where the number of participants is purposefully limited to ensure a much greater level of interaction and participation than typical conferences
  • A highly interactive format with a proven track record of high value for both presenters and participants
  • A multinational environment, with participants from San Francisco to Shanghai, which supports relationship and network building, not just an exchange of business cards
  • An atmosphere that fosters an open exchange of knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas in the field of human and organizational performance
  • A place where all of us can meet and prepare together for the challenges that lie ahead for creating healthy, prosperous organizations and communities

Don’t forget to consider another reason to join us in Istanbul–the place itself!

“This magical meeting place of East and West has more top-drawer attractions than it has minarets (and that’s a lot).” –Lonely Planet

Mark your calendar and register now!
A successful conference must have both great presenters and great participants! Once again, we plan to use a simulation to involve everyone in an interesting, active way, with a new case and a continuously improving simulation process. Another compelling reason to participate is our Senior Executive Panel session. You do not want to miss this chance to hear directly from and interact with senior executives.

Note that ISPI EMEA conferences are purposefully intimate in size (limited to 150 participants for this year) with a format, content, and presenters designed to attract executives and professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience that bring with them an enthusiasm for learning, sharing, and growing together in the highly interactive atmosphere of the conference.

You are invited to come to Istanbul to learn, share, and contribute to this uniquely valuable event.