By Tim Brock, CPT, PhD

THE Performance Improvement Conference is rapidly approaching. All chapter leaders are invited to attend a free all-day Chapter Leaders Workshop on Sunday, April 26. You need to register for the Chapter Leader’s Workshop when you register to attend THE Performance Improvement Conference that starts that evening.

We will host a chapter leaders’ reception the evening before on Saturday, April 25.

Everyone who registers to attend will get the details via email before the events. Please register early to take advantage of the ISPI conference discount and so we can plan the workshop activities based on attendance.

Just a reminder, a chapter perk from the Society is each chapter gets one free conference registration. Keep in mind that the revised Chapter Affiliation Agreement (CAA) does not permit the same person to use it two years in a row.

This is an important workshop this year because, as you know, many changes have been occurring in our Society that directly affect our chapters. It is particularly important for chapter leaders to attend this year to meet our new Interim Executive Director, Rhonda Buckley, and Star Gaddis, the new Chapter and Program Manager. Both of them will be speaking at our workshop. They want to meet you and learn how they can better support our chapters.

This year’s Chapter Leadership Workshop is forming nicely. Jim Craumer is once again taking the lead to create the schedule and to keep us on track as the emcee. Our current schedule of activities will cover how things are going for the chapters with the revised CAA. This is your chance to have your voice heard and hear from the Society and Chapter Partnership Committee leadership.

We will also have time for chapters to share some of the noteworthy practices they are doing at their chapters. So far, we will learn about how to create a chapter dashboard, a budget, and a CPT mentoring program. If you have something you want to share, let me know and we will add you to our “Show-and-Tell” list.

We will also have an update on how the new CAA is coming along for virtual, blended, and international chapters. Nancy Burns is leading that effort with volunteers from those types of chapters. If you are not on her committee and would like to volunteer, let us know.

I do hope at least one chapter leader from each chartered chapter attends our free Chapter Leaders Workshop and also takes advantage of the free conference registration each chapter has. We need each other to grow our chapters and to grow our Society as THE world’s leading professional association dedicated to performance improvement.

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BrockTAbout the Author
Dr. Tim Brock, PhD, CPT is the CEO and Founder of The Institute 4 Worthy Performance LLC, a Practice Leader with The Institute for Performance Improvement L3C, and an Associate with The ROI Institute. He is a Performance Improvement & ROI expert who trains and coaches companies to improve organizational performance by improving the performance of its people and then proving the value impact and ROI of those projects, programs, and performance improvement initiatives. Dr. Brock is the Founding ISPI Central Florida Chapter President and currently serves our chapter as the Chapter Vice President of Quality and represents our chapter with the International Society as the chapter’s Society Liaison. He also serves on multiple International Society committees to include Chair of the Chapter Partnership Committee and member of the CPT Credential Oversight Subcommittee.