By Brian Gresham

The beginning of the year is here, all of the apps have been rated, and the awards for best apps have been posted. I have been reviewing some of the tops apps to see what happened, and I was a little underwhelmed this year, to be honest. Most of the apps that gained high ratings were games–and not just “games,” but games even I would not play if I were bored to tears. But I still found some great apps that will help you along your way and start your new year out right. The apps I came across are Duet Display, which I am going to put to good use, and 1Password, which will help me stop racking my brain trying to remember which password goes with which account. The Microsoft and Apple office programs are both super helpful and easy to take around on an iPhone or iPad. Let me know which ones you like, love, hate, and want to set fire to.

Duet Display–Use your Mac with your iPad

DuetDuet Display lets the user convert an iPad or iPhone into a display extension and also a solo display for a Mac mini. The touch feature remains active on the iPad and iPhone, and you will just need to acquire a lightening or 30 pin cable for connection.

Cost: $9.99

1PasswordDeveloped by AgileBits Inc.

1PasswordIf you are anything like me, you have more than a few passwords for different applications. I recently came across this app whilst trolling through the app store. It has allowed me to move my password collection from a pad next to my computer to something a bit more secure. I have been transitioning all of my passwords to something more unique. While they might not be easy to remember, that has not been a problem. This app is connected to my iPad and Mac; every time one password is updated on one device, the other two update it automatically as well.

Cost: Free


Word | PowerPoint | Excel | OneNote

OfficeDeveloped by Microsoft.

Did you know you can now download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for the iPad? Well now you do. I have only downloaded and used the Word application. There is a limited version that is free; all it is able to do, for the most part, is let you execute simply type, with very limited formatting and features. You will need to sign up for the premium subscription to have all of the features.

Cost: Basic apps are free, extended apps require a subscription.


Pages | Numbers | Keynote

PagesNumbersKeynoteDeveloped by Apple.

These three apps are best described as: Pages is the equivalent to Word; Numbers to Excel; and Keynote to PowerPoint. These three apps were designed by Apple for Apple products. The interface, look, and feel are simple, easy, and flawless. Of the basic apps you can use every day in the office, I feel this suite is the best to use with the Apple products.

Cost: $9.99 each