THE 2014 Performance Improvement Conference is proving to be one like no other. The conference committee is hard at work to make sure next April’s conference is bold, mind blowing, and game changing. And that is not just marketing hype.

“There are a lot of changes being implemented to help ensure everyone who attends the conference has a valuable and enriching experience,” says April Davis, ISPI Executive Chair.

Here are just a few new things you will notice at this year’s conference.

Learn, Connect, Celebrate, Enjoy. Let’s begin by rethinking your whole conference experience. Conference planners are taking a very deliberate approach in each of these areas to ensure you get the most from your overall conference experience.

“We know the conference has to deliver in each of the four ways for attendees to come away from their time in Indy saying, ‘Wow, that was truly worth the time and investment! I’ll be back next year, and I’ll bring along a few of my colleagues,’” says Davis.

More Ways to Learn. From 99 seconds and PechaKucha to two-day workshops, learning at the ISPI conference comes in every shape and size. New “session designs” such as “Under the Hood,” “Out of the Box,” and “All About You” have been added–all of which will help you customize your conference plan so you can get more of what you want.

From Knowledge to Know-How: This statement has been taken from a simple tagline to a meaningful challenge for each and every presenter. In every session, you will leave with a tool, approach, or method you can immediately use.

Networking That Really Works: Let’s Connect. Breaks can and should be so much more than a caffeine jolt. These are slices of conference time where you can meet people who become lifelong colleagues and friends. Watch for networking opportunities at this conference that will have you expanding your contact list before your coffee cools.

Celebrate: We have always celebrated our peers, but this time we will be celebrating Award of Excellence winners throughout the entire conference. You will be able to congratulate and celebrate the achievements of your friends and colleagues at any time and with more than a polite round of applause.

Get Out and Enjoy: Indy, that is. Too often we travel to a conference far from home and never leave the hotel to explore and enjoy the city. Indianapolis is worth taking the time to discover. And conference committee members who know Indy like the back of their hand will provide loads of ideas for you to get to know and love this Midwest town.

So, if you are ready to learn, connect, celebrate, and enjoy, there’s no time like the present to register for the 2014 THE Performance Improvement Conference, April 13 through April 16. If you register before February 19, you will save up to $125 (depending on your membership status).

We look forward to having you join us!