By Roger Addison, CPT, EdD, Carol Haig, CPT, and Lynn Kearny, CPT

Are you a performance architect? If you work to improve performance in organizations anywhere on the performance landscape, then, yes, you are. And, as a performance architect, you have had experiences, learned from them, and developed your views on work in the performance improvement arena. We know you have thoughts and opinions about your work, and we are quite sure that many of your colleagues would like to hear them. We certainly would. Thus, a salon was constructed just for this purpose.

What is a salon? It is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host (that would be at the Westin, with us). Salons are convivial conversation exchanges held to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding. At the Performance Architecture Salon, participants will share ideas and information from our field and have fun doing it.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Using the principles of sound presentation design, we have built scaffolding for your ideas and a blueprint for exploring them. We anticipate lively exchanges among participants in this, ISPI’s first ever, conversation salon. We believe you bring wisdom and insights that you have few opportunities to share. Our aim is to showcase what you know in a uniquely designed performance architecture environment that enables all of us to learn.

With a series of conversation stations set up around the meeting room, small groups will assemble at each to discuss a performance architecture–related topic selected from columns we have written for BPTrends. We will define and then explore key questions about:

  • Organizational Agility
  • Horizontal Oversight
  • Service Recovery
  • Trend Tracking

This groups will have time to chew over issues important to them and record their ideas on charts, as they rotate as a team through all the conversation stations. Lynn will graphically capture ideas from each of the groups as they are discussed. You will have access to digital versions of the graphics immediately after the conference.

What is in it for you? You will come away with:

  • A working definition of performance architecture that you can successfully explain to your mother
  • A broader awareness of who and where the performance architects are in your organization (hint: most are in other functions with other job titles) that you could team with
  • New ideas for ways to experience and apply performance architecture in the context of your organization
  • At least three new performance architecture actions to implement back at work

Come join us! It will be too early in the day for cocktails, but we will bring much needed last-day-of-conference energy to share along with suggestions for additional resources. In true salon spirit, your ideas and interests will drive us. We will simply host you.

See you in Indianapolis!

About the Authors


Roger M. Addison, CPT, EdD, is chief performance architect at Addison Consulting. He helps organizations integrate and align the workers, work, and workplace to affect the world. He is an ISPI Member for Life, Past President, and recipient of the Gilbert, Rummler, and ISPI Service Awards.

Carol Haig, CPT, leads Carol Haig & Associates where she helps organizations align the work, worker, and workplace to produce results. She is an ISPI Member for Life and has received ISPI’s awards for Distinguished Service, Outstanding Instructional Product, and Outstanding Human Performance Intervention.

Lynn Kearny, CPT, helps organizations improve human performance at the individual, process, and organizational levels. She co-authored Organizational Intelligence (Pfeiffer, 2010). She specializes in graphics that help people grasp ideas quickly.

Roger, Carol, and Lynn are co-authors of Performance Architecture: The Art and Science of Improving Organizations (Pfeiffer, 2009), winner of ISPI’s Outstanding Human Performance Communication.