Last month, ISPI members approved the slate of candidates, which included our first Non-North American to serve as ISPI president-elect, as recommended by the Nominations Committee for the 2014-2016 Board of Directors. On April 16, at THE Performance Improvement Conference in Indianapolis, IN, we will officially welcome our four newly elected officials:

  • Klaus D. Wittkuhn, CPT, President-Elect, Practitioner Representative (Germany)
  • Scott Casad, CPT, Director, Military/Government Representative
  • Belia M. Nel, CPT, Director, International Representative (South Africa)
  • Pat P. Rasile, CPT, Director, Non-profit Representative

Klaus, Scott, Belia, and Pat, will join the other elected board members (Mary Ellen Kassotakis, CPT, EdD, President, Lisa Toenniges, CPT, Past President, Bonnie Beresford, PhD, Treasurer, and Janet Buckenmeyer, PhD, Director, and April Davis, Executive Director) on the Board of Directors.

Serving on the Board of Directors for ISPI provides individuals with an opportunity to participate in setting policy and direction for the organization that represents our profession. Those who have previously served on the Board found the experience to be rewarding, challenging, and fun. Past appointees have gained a great deal from the experience.

For more information on the new Board members, click here.

A big thank you to the members of our Nominations Committee: Kery Mortenson, CPT, Chair; John B. Lazar, Deputy Chair; Jack Phillips, PhD, Board Liaison; Ireta R. Ekstrom, CPT, PhD; Mark Boccia; Scott P. Rooke; Megan Young; and April S. Davis, Staff Liaison.