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Time, date, or location is no longer an obstacle to beginning your performance improvement journey.

ISPI has partnered with ImprovID to create a self-paced learning guide for performance improvement. The aim of the guide is to provide you with an introduction to human performance technology (HPT) concepts and the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) Standards, and then to link HPT to various aspects of human resources (HR) and training.

This 108-page learning guide covers performance improvement concepts and the CPT Standards in the workplace context and their relationship to HR and training in Section 1, and provides you with an overview of the performance improvement landscape and the roles and competencies of performance consultants (HPT practitioners or HPT specialists) in Section 2.

The focus is on three essential questions:

  • What is HPT and how do we relate it to HR and training?
  • How do we apply the CPT Standards to our work in HR and training?
  • What requirements must the performance consultant satisfy in terms of the performance improvement landscape, roles, and competencies?

What Is Included?
The learning guide includes readings, activities, videos, key concepts, reflections, self assessments, and additional resources. You will also have an opportunity to collaborate with a facilitator and others working through the course in the HPT: Self-Study PI Course Community provided on ISPI’s Collaborate platform. Here you can post questions, read discussions, or upload documents.

Challenge Your Team or Students
It is not just an individual experience. This is a great learning tool for a monthly brown bag discussion with your team in the office, or it could be an excellent supplemental reading for students. The possibilities are endless.

Why Now?
In today’s economic climate, it is important that HR and training managers, supervisors, and managers adopt a performance improvement mindset in dealing with performance in their organizations. A foundation of performance systems thinking will assist HR and training managers to assess, manage, and measure performance effectively, because a systems thinking approach to performance will enable them to analyze and understand the reasons for or causes of poor performance.

HPT is not a fad. It has been around for more than 50 years, and its purpose is to bring the organization closer to its business targets by removing the obstacles to performance. It is the means to achieve the goal of improved performance, and its value therefore lies in its objective of bringing about a positive change in performance.


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