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The upcoming February webinar, Applying Organizational Socialization Research to a Job-Training Program, presented by Don Kirkey, EdD, can be attended and viewed live, or you can watch the recorded session after the live presentation.

What valuable skill and knowledge building materials will you find in this presentation?

The rich literature on organizational socialization and employee turnover is often neglected in human performance technology. This is a report on the application of some key concepts from the literature to improve the organizational entry processes of a job-training program for at-risk youth. Lessons learned in improving retention and lowering turnover are readily applicable by those working in business or the social sector with similar populations.

After attending this session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify key concepts from organizational socialization and employee turnover research that are applicable to most organizations.
  • Apply the new concepts to an organizational challenge or opportunity for improvement.

About the Facilitator

KirkeyDFor over 25 years, Don Kirkey managed technical field service, employee and customer learning and development, and performance consulting functions, and is currently the director of Leadership Development at a major retailer. Don recently completed an EdD in Organizational Leadership (Human Resource Development Specialization) at Nova Southeastern University. This webinar is based on his doctoral dissertation. Don is a regular presenter at ISPI.



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February 19, 2014; 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST | Register Online

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