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A SkillCast is a 60-minute webinar designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the performance improvement professional. Each month, ISPI will feature the latest thinking from the experts you rely on for your continued professional development. In just an hour, you will come away with new ideas, perspectives, and tools that you can put to work immediately.

The upcoming January webinar, Missing Link in Workplace Learning–Those Darn Supervisors!, presented by Will Thalheimer, PhD, president, Work-Learning Research Inc., can be attended and viewed live, or you can watch the recorded session after the live presentation.

What valuable skill and knowledge building materials will you find in this presentation?
Supervisors are the key levers of performance in every organization. We ask a lot of them because they are so important. And yet, those of us involved in workplace learning often wish we could do more to capture their attention–and get them to support training initiatives. During this webinar, Will will lead a discussion on how we can leverage learners’ supervisors to improve training transfer. In addition, he will look at the research on creativity to explore how supervisors can spur creative insights. Finally, he will share a coaching model that shows how coaches can be more effective in supporting workers as they learn on the job.

After attending this session, participants should be able to:

  • Support supervisors in facilitating both transfer learning and insight learning.
  • Marshal supervisor support for after-training follow-through.
  • Utilize a coaching model to help supervisors be more effective coaches.
  • Prompt supervisors toward more effective onboarding behavior.

Will ThalheimerAbout the Facilitator
Will Thalheimer is a learning expert, researcher, instructional designer, business strategist, speaker, and writer. He has worked in the learning and performance field since 1985. In 1998, Will founded Work-Learning Research to bridge the gap between research and practice, to compile research on learning, and disseminate research findings to help chief learning officers, instructional designers, trainers, e-learning developers, performance consultants, and learning executives build more effective learning and performance interventions and environments. His research and writings have led the field in providing practical research-based recommendations through his online publications, published articles, and his industry-leading blog.

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  • Corporate Seat (purchase a single connection to view the SkillCast with your group): $179 each; $1,499 for season ($649 savings, plus bonus December webinar)

January 15, 2014; 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST | Register Online

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