By Brian Gresham

Let’s get the year stared off right with a useful reminder of past technology and apps that we have reviewed and a few new apps that might help you keep yourself on a schedule with your own personal assistant that travels everywhere with you, your phone!

Over the past year we brought you some useful apps that assisted in a personal and professional capacity.

The January review was project management, covering BaseCamp, QuickBase, and ProjectManager. All of which were great programs for any project manager.

In February we started your year off right with Memonic, Google Apps for Small Businesses, Cake HR, and Adobe Acrobat Reader–all apps for your phone or smart pad.

In March the brain candy was Legato. Legato is an evolving e-learning tool that will grow in content and functionality, based on emerging trends, proven best practices, and user experience, as you use Legato to analyze and manage your performance improvement efforts.

April upped your performance experience with Kashoo to keep your books in order, and Sign in Blue to assist you in signing your life away, in pdf format, on the go.

May delivered learning in the format of Deliver Advisor for Android.

June brought in the heat with Dashlane to keep your personal information personal, but at your fingertips, and Wordle to express your creative side.

July improved your performance with mLearning Decision Maker for Android, brought to us by Innovative Learning Group.

August made life easier with a planning app that does it all–events big and small, and keep everyone in the loop, Eventdawn, for event planning solutions.

September we tried to make your writing experience on the go a little easier with XWord, a word processor that can be used as an alternative to paid applications. CardMunch, brought to us by LinkedIn, assists in emptying out our business books of all those cards and bringing those contacts to our phones. Standard CRM to monitor relationship of with customers to keep all important information at your fingertips.

October was done right with Doo, a document organizer and scanner. This app kept documents up to date across platforms that have access to the network.

November featured an app for writing on the go, PlainText. You can keep the document up to date and edited with the updated version saved to your DropBox to have access anywhere.

In December we introduced you to another digital signing application, DocuSign Ink. It was voted best at the app store and a great on-the-go app.

For January, I thought of my resolutions. A big resolution that keeps coming up year after year is to keep up my use of journals and schedules to get work in and out of my professional life done.

I personally like lists–they keep me organized, assist me in remembering tasks that need to be created, and help me assign priority.

Here are a few apps to keep you on your toes and moving in the right direction to accomplish your tasks:

SD_120_roundSmartDay: This app, developed by LeftCoastalogic, keeps the user organized in one spot with an integrated calendar, journal, task manager, and project planner. Available for iPhone and iPad ($9.99); and Mac OSX (sold separately). The app automatically schedules pending tasks into free time in your calendar and updates them as situations change. Bringing tasks and events into a single view, the user can see what can be completed each day.

More information on SmartDay resides at

logo-navDonna, Manage Your Day: Developed by Incredible Labs Inc., this app, or personal assistant, tells you when to leave for an appointment, dials into conference calls for you, and lets others know when to expect you; and the best part is, the app does it automatically and it is free.

More information can be found at

Screen-shot-2013-01-23-at-9-54-33-AMProcraster–Get Started: Developed by Simen Solbakken and available for $1.99, this app runs your day and gets you on top of completing tasks by overcoming timing issues to keep you on track. The app also provides the user feedback on the productivity of work with stats, graphs, and calendar integrations.

More can be found at

There are a lot more apps available that will assist any user in keeping on track and getting tasks done. Be sure to check back next month for more great apps.