By Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD

Last January, I asked chapter presidents to express what they are looking forward to in 2013. For this year, I’d like to hear from any of our chapter leaders, Society Board Members, CPC members, and staff. Leave a comment below addressing one of two things:

Something that you:

  1. Would like to celebrate that happened in 2013 with your chapter.
  2. Look forward to in 2014 that your chapter is doing.

This could be about a specific chapter event, a change in your website, or even a new initiative or partnership. Be sure to mention your chapter and role.

A special thanks to these chapter for contributing to the Chapter Corner column:

I also want to thank those chapters that contributed to the January 2013 column:

This is the start of our fourth year, and I look forward to upcoming chapter contributions!

DepaulGWho is Gary DePaul?
Gary has served on the Tampa Bay Chapter as the president and served on the Charlotte Chapter as VP of Nomination and Elections. He also has served as the CPC Chair and volunteered periodically for ISPI initiatives. Gary reviews CPT applications and has facilitated a workshop to help designated CPT professionals become reviewers. He has edited the Chapter Corner since January 2011.

About the Chapter Corner
The Chapter Corner column is dedicated to communicate chapter news and share chapter successes. If your chapter has had a recent accomplishment or success, share it in the Chapter Corner! Contact Gary DePaul.