By Hyun Seok Chae, HRD Solution Team, Hyundai Motor Company, & Jeong-Hoon Lee, HRD Solution Team, Hyundai Motor Company

It is very important for an organization to uncover major business issues to close organizational performance gaps. Hyundai Motor Group permits and supports group meetings regularly for internal and external experts and consultants for the purpose of finding business issues that need cross-functional cooperation in our company. We uncover these issues from meetings and set priorities among the issues for HRD development solutions.

There are many business issues that our company has to deal with, but our resources are limited. So we have to make a decision and set priorities for which actions can be taken or which fields are to be developed into a HRD solution. To determine this, we survey relevant management and use the collected data to help us set the priorities. The collected data allow us to set priorities among the discovered business issues. The analysis of these surveys is performed based on several need assessment models, such as Borish model, the Locus for Focus model, and so forth.

After selecting the most important issue, we collaborate with various levels of in-house clients and stakeholders to determine the desired solution path, immediately after we interview a significant amount of mid-level managers to find important related sub-issues and trends. After a solution has been developed, a great deal of effort is put into getting top management involved in the problem-solving process. All participants, from top to bottom, are valued and necessary to develop a meaningful and effective solution.

The learning objectives:

  • how to conduct a group meeting for internal and external experts
  • understanding the process of setting priorities
  • how to apply an action learning solution toward job-specific performance
  • hands-on exercise using the nominal group technique (NGT)

Participants will obtain a full understanding of how to conduct a group meeting for experts. The participants will be able to actively take part in a group meeting. We will then apply the discovered results from each meeting into a HRD solution. In addition, we will have an opportunity to review the NGT operational process.

This session will cover four topics:

Topic 1: The deduction of business issues. We will introduce a method of conducting a group meeting suited to extract business issues within a company and a process of setting priorities.

Topic 2: The short version of a group meeting on human performance technology (HPT); experience the process of an expert workshop using NGT.

Topic 3: The application of an action learning method on a specific field. Participants will be instructed on how to apply an action learning method directly to a job-specific field from business issues.

Topic 4: Q & A session.Participants will have an opportunity to voice their opinions and receive feedback.

About the Authors

HyunSeokChaeMr. Chae has been working in the HR area for 18 years at Hyundai Motor Company (eight years in HRM, 10 years in HRD). He now is leading the HRD Solution Team, accountable for performance improvement, organization development, and career development. He has an MBA from Thunderbird (USA).



JonngHoonLeeMr. Lee has 13 years of experience in HRD at Hyundai Motor Company. He has performed various kinds of training programs through individual development, organization development, and career development. To do that, he has conducted many need and performance assessments at the levels of top management, middle managers, and bottom-line employees. He also has his master’s degree in education/HRD from Korea University (South Korea).



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