Ever been in a situation where you want to explain Performance Improvement but were unsure of the best method? Have you been talking Performance Improvement to folks who have a glazed over look? Well, fret no more.

During THE Performance Improvement Conference in Reno, ISPI’s President, Lisa Toenniges, asked attendees how they could help spread the word. Longtime member and artist extraordinaire, Lynn Kearny raised her hand and volunteered to create a graphic representation of Performance Improvement.

On ISPI’s website, you will find the graphic and talking points (adjust to your own style and your audience) to introduce others to performance improvement–in a way that is easier for both of you. Have fun with it! There is nothing more motivating than to be talking about performance improvement and have other people say, “Oh, I get it!” and start applying the ideas to their
own work.

Thank you to Lynn for her amazing work!