Our profession is made up of the best and brightest in the field of performance improvement. Your contributions–extensive like a book or shorter like a PerformanceXpress article–are the resources used by universities, corporations, government, and many more to expand and build upon current thinking. Often, these publications are the “go to” for understanding what works, what might require more thought, and what you might want to avoid. Without you, our profession would be stagnant.

ISPI has three acclaimed publications geared toward practitioners in the workplace, the Performance Improvement journal, Performance Improvement Quarterly, and PerformanceXpress.org.

Performance Improvement (PI) is an acclaimed journal focusing on hands-on experiences with models, interventions, “how-to” guides, ready-to-use job aids, and research articles, as well as updates on trends, reviews, and field viewpoints. The journal deals with all types of interventions and all phases of the human performance technology (HPT) process. The common theme is a performance improvement practice or technique supported by research or germane theory. Download the Author Guidelines.

Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ) is a peer-reviewed journal created to stimulate professional discussion in the field and to advance the discipline of HPT through the publishing of scholarly works. Its emphasis is on human performance technologies such as front-end analysis or evaluation. It also offers literature reviews, experimental studies with a scholarly base, and some case studies. Download the Author Guidelines.

If you are not ready for a full-fledged article in PI or PIQ, you could easily start with PerformanceXpress to build confidence. PerformanceXpress.org (PX) is ISPI’s monthly digital publication containing exciting feature articles (only 500 words) highlighting current developments and ideas in performance improvement, as well as regular columns written by dedicated professionals spotting trends, presenting HPT case studies, and delving into behavioral science. Visit the PerformanceXpress information page for more information.

Topics of Interest
ISPI put together a list of possible topics to get your creativity flowing and to spark inspiration:

Business | Change | Organizational design | Technical training | Instructional systems design and architecture | Sustainability and measuring results | HPT (and the difference from one culture to others) | CPT | Training and development; web based training and development | Compliance | Regulatory | Legal | Web 2.0 | Social media | Compliance

Getting Started
We know you have excellent ideas, and we encourage you to send your thoughts to publications@ispi.org for review and feedback from our editors. Or, contact Brian Gresham, director of Publications and Social Media, at pubs@ispi.org or call 301-587-8570.

Do not hesitate. Our profession is only as strong as our contributors.