DocuSign Ink–Sign PDFs and documents

  • Sign documents and get signatures quickly and easily from your iPad or iPhone.
  • App Store Best of 2012
  • Top 5 Apple Productivity Picks
  • Available for iOS, Windows 8, and Android
  • Free app

I recently tried out this app for the purposes of preparing a review. I have used the app on my iPhone and on the iPad. My preference is to use it on the iPad simply because there is more viewing space, but it still usable on an iPhone. However, I would not recommend using the app when preoccupied. There are a few steps that need to be completed that will need your attention.

After opening the application I successfully created an account and uploaded my name, initials, and signature, which was simple enough to complete.

The next step was to upload the PDF from my email. It took me a moment to figure it out, but I naturally went to my email, opened up the email, and tried saving the application. The Ink logo popped up as a destination to save and I did so.

After saving the document I navigated back to the Ink application, clicked on the three bars in the top right corner, which opened up the options. I clicked on documents and selected the document I had just saved from my email.

After opening, I filled out the fields.

I reopened the Ink application and inserted text in the necessary locations and saved and then emailed it back to myself.

There were a few quirks when using the application on my iPhone: If I flipped the document, sometimes the text fields I had just inserted on the appropriate lines would move. I can see how this would be an issue when signing a binding document.

The second issue I had was locating the placed text boxes. They would usually appear out of the viewing area; I had to search up just a little to find the box.

Moving the text box was a bit tricky at times, but manageable.

After the document was saved, it was simple to email the document from the document tab.

The process was simple, and the application was easy to use.