by Diane Maratta and Davina Davies

On October 29, the ISPI Montreal Chapter held their 2013 Launch Event. This successful night boasted 101 attendees, or 90% of registered attendees, which is a great start to an emerging chapter!ispi_118_CN team

An energetic buzz about the launch began weeks before the event. Word of mouth and a social media campaign resulted in the event being sold out! This energy continued throughout the evening as people gathered together to share experiences and stories in the modern venue surrounded by the delectable food provided by CN. Accompanied by the talented musician Greg Halpin, it became the hub for networking and making connections.

Performance improvement professionals representing a variety of Canadian industries attended the event. Concordia University’s Educational Technology program also was well represented by faculty, current students and alumni.

Sponsor Support
This vibrant and energetic event could not have taken place without CN, sponsors of our launch. The weeks of support and enthusiasm we received from Jim Wilson and his team at CN culminated at the launch event where they created a cheerful and inclusive space for all.

 ispi_084_ISPI president welcome speechRationale and Background
The ISPI Montreal Board wanted to bring to the forefront the Montreal Chapter, and what better way to do that than by throwing a launch event! Through this event, ISPI leaders, together with the Montreal performance community, took a look at the past, present and future of ISPI Montreal, and its meaning, impact and support to the local community.

Since June 2013, 15 leaders have been hard at work to bring ISPI back to Montreal, with the vision to build development and networking opportunities for performance improvement professionals in Montreal. The ISPI Montreal team is made up of a mix of emerging and experienced professionals in the performance improvement and learning field. Team members come from various backgrounds, such as pharma, travel, education, aviation, not-for-profit, IT, arts, business and more! One common goal has set these team members apart–they believe in building strong relationships and strong connections to reflect, improve and succeed at their mission of reemerging a strong ISPI Montreal chapter.

An indication of the success of the launch was that once the event was complete, no one left! The wonderful buzz of engaging conversations continued for over an hour despite the fact that a few blocks away an NHL game was due to finish and consequently cause traffic chaos on the city streets!

ispi_024_Concordia facultyUpcoming December 4 Event
We look forward to seeing you at our next event in collaboration with the Quebec Chapter of Canadian Society of Training and Development called:

  • The CSTD/ISPI Montreal “cinq à huit” Networking Event on December 4 at the Wunderbar in the W Hotel in downtown Montreal.
  • Register here.

Thank You!
In addition to our wonderful guests, we would like to thank the following people who helped make this event possible:

  • Sonia Di Maulo’s limitless energy and support
  • Lieutenant Commander Brett Christensen for his ongoing guidance
  • The Educational Technology faculty and staff at Concordia University
  • Our virtual presenters (Lisa Toenniges, Jack Phillips and Matt Donovan)
  • Our valued volunteers
  • Our talented artists:
    • Greg Halpin–musician
    • Krzysztof Cyga–photographer
    • Marcus von Holzendorff–videographer
  • And, of course, our sponsors of the ISPI Montreal launch: the CN team led by Jim Wilson

Author Bios:

Diane Maratta is an instructional designer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With a background in multimedia design, and a passion for growth and learning, Diane’s vision is to create transformative learning materials for all ages. One of her favourite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Davina Davies is a learning specialist in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Davina is President of the city’s re-emerging ISPI chapter. Her personal mission statement is: “Everyone has the potential to improve performance. Listen. Ask questions. Design opportunities for success”.

Photographs courtesy of Krzysztof Cyga. View more here.