The Bay Area ISPI inaugural event was a great success and a lot of fun! After working our way to the park, we were treated to two kinds of oysters–Blue Point and Elkhorn. Who knew there was a difference? One you cook, and one you eat raw (you needed to be a little bit adventurous to try that one)!  In addition, people brought salads, fruit kabobs, savory sauces for the oysters, and more!

We were honored to have among us the two Rogers, Roger Addison and Roger Chevalier, and Margo Murray and Carol Haig. We made friends with about 25 new members and got our chapter off to a great start!

Special thanks to Kimberly Betty, ISPI Bay Area Chapter President; Preeti Bhat, ISPI Bay Area Chapter VP of Programs; and Sue Czeropski, ISPI Bay Area Chapter President-elect for putting together the 2013 Oyster Barrel event. It was an awesome way to inaugurate  the ISPI Bay Area Chapter.

Photos courtesy Russ Powell.