Volunteering for your professional home is rewarding and also gives back to your community. ISPI has opportunities to volunteer and expand not only your network, but also the number of your professional contacts as you interact with other performance improvement professionals. In these uncertain economic times, it is always a good idea to keep your professional contacts list expanding at every opportunity. The purpose of the ISPI Volunteer Network is to link ISPI members with volunteer opportunities within ISPI. Beyond expanding your network, here are seven more great reasons to volunteer with ISPI:

  1. To be and feel challenged–Have an excuse to do something you love!
  2. Make a difference.
  3. Let your voice be heard.
  4. Strengthen your resume–Keep skills alive.
  5. Feel involved–It will boost your visibility.
  6. Connect with your professional community–Network with new friends and professional contacts.
  7. It is fun and rewarding!

For more information about volunteering with ISPI, contact Robin Stimson at 301-587-8570 or visit our ISPI volunteer page by clicking here. All volunteers with ISPI must be active members of the Society. Not a member, but would like to join? For more information about membership and how to join online, please click here.