On November 19-21, in Washington, DC, Performance Design Partners will offer an HICD-Assessment Training Program.

HICD projects are complex and require an approach that follows the HICD handbook. This is especially true for HICD assessments, the core of an HICD approach. However, following a handbook doesn’t make you a professional. Doing professional work requires knowledge, skills, know-how, and reflected experience, plus a set of proven tools. Even consultants who are experienced in capacity development may have problems coping with the new HICD requirements.

  • Are you a newcomer to the field, who knows little about HICD, but is interested to enter the field?
  • Are you an experienced capacity development consultant, who nevertheless has open questions concerning HICD?
  • Are you a contractor who has to manage consultants during HICD projects, and is not sure what to expect?

Then, this ramp-up package is for you.

During the three days, you are guided step-by-step along the process, and will understand the essentials of each step, get re-usable forms and templates for your personal use, and learn about the DOs and DON‘Ts that are important for all activities to conduct an HICD assessment.

Day 1:
Get an overview of HICD projects and HICD-Assessments
Learn about essential tools for HICD-Assessments, and apply the tools to a real world case

Day 2:
Get additional tools and continue to apply them to the case
Walk through a step-by-step HICD-Assessment

Day 3:
Get additional tools and finalize the assessment
Create a personal development plan for future work

One of the biggest advantages of this course is you don’t have to start from scratch. Generic blueprints that have been developed in numerous projects guide you. You will see what a generalized approach looks like. All you have to do is to adapt it to the specifics of your projects and your organization.

For more information, visit here.