By Lisa Toenniges, CPT

As I prepared my remarks to announce the 2013 Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) Standards update, which occurred in Washington, D.C., on September 4, I was reminded of the many ways that being a CPT has helped me and my organization, Innovative Learning Group (ILG).

On several occasions, ILG has received requests for proposals (RFP) specifically asking for CPTs to be on the project team. Given that I am a CPT, ILG was able to meet this RFP specification and most likely had a competitive advantage. I am seeing this same specification more and more in RFPs. USAID is an example of the one organization currently requesting it.

New Client
In a different situation, my CPT played a direct role in ILG gaining a new client. Six years ago I received a call from a prospective client looking for some help with some very strategic performance analysis work.

I said to the client, “I’m just curious… How did you hear about us?”

The client responded by telling me how he was not pleased with his current vendor and how he was looking for something different.

“I went to the ISPI CPT Directory and saw your name,” he told me. “I remembered you, and between your CPT and my past familiarity with your work, it seemed like a perfect match.”

Since then, ILG has had a wonderful partnership with this client and has done some great award-winning global work.

Great Resources
The many CPT materials are great resources also. With the recent validation study, the CPT Standards, definitions, criteria, and examples were all updated. I have suggested to my ILG staff and several emerging professionals (those newer to the field) that they review these resources and use the information as they do their work.

The standards also are a great topic for an ISPI chapter meeting. About once or twice a year at the Michigan Chapter meeting, I remind attendees about how the standards guide and differentiate our field and ISPI in the industry. I imagine the standards could be used in a similar manner for a college course on performance improvement.

In a nutshell, these CPT resources are a great way to learn about performance improvement. The ISPI website has an entire area dedicated to certification–Certification & Accreditation— that is a must read.

But the proof is in the results that CPTs get. After listening to three CPT credential holders tell the audience how they have applied performance improvement in their organizations and about the results they have achieved, I left the D.C. event completely excited and energized about ISPI’s CPT credential!

Lisa Toenniges PhotoAbout the Author
Lisa Toenniges, CPT, is owner and CEO of Innovative Learning Group, a company that provides custom learning and performance support services to Fortune 1000 companies. A dynamic and respected leader, Lisa has more than 20 years of experience in the performance improvement industry and has consulted with many Fortune 1000 companies about their learning and performance strategies and solutions. ILG was born out of Lisa’s passion for building a business, providing for her employees, and doing what is right for clients. Her entrepreneurial spirit, positive outlook, and hands-on leadership style have been the drivers behind ILG’s rapid growth and tremendous success. As a result of her efforts, Lisa was named one of the 2010 Top 10 Michigan Business Women and Rainmaker of the Year by the National Association of Women Business Owners of Greater Detroit. She also was declared an Entrepreneur of Distinction by Corp! magazine in 2009. Lisa just completed a two-year term as a board member and treasurer of the organization. She also is a past president of the ISPI Michigan Chapter and past chair of ISPI’s 2010 annual conference.