Are you finding it a challenge to keep up professionally? Got a stack of books and articles you keep meaning to get to? Let the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) provide that vital professional boost with our archived SkillCast series only available to members.

What is a SkillCast? A SkillCast is a 60-minute educational webinar session designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the performance improvement professional. So put away the stacks of books, sit back, and watch one of these great educational and skill-building webinar sessions! These are great benefits for ISPI members, and they are available on Collaborate. Here is how you can start taking advantage of this benefit:

  • Log on to Collaborate (it is the same log-on as your log-on to
  • Select “Communities” in the top selection, third over
  • Scroll down to “PI for Members Only”
  • Select the third tab over “Libraries 80”
  • Select the first folder “Webinars”

Here is an example of a terrific SkillCast webinar:

Creating Engaging Web-Based Training with Ken Steinman

Tired of churning out “page turner” content? Are learners getting what they need to out of the training you deliver online, or are they still left with too many open questions? Come to this SkillCast to learn techniques that will enable you to deliver better quality content to a diverse audience and improve the results in a variety of situations. We will specifically look at the tools, techniques, and best practices available today with a variety of tools and media to efficiently build content that will effectively support your audience for whatever setting you are responsible for.