Eileen Banchoff wrote a great article last month about attending the conference in which she touched on some excellent points; you should check it out if you have not read it already. These articles come across my desk first, and this is one article I was super-excited to share. Had Eileen not sat through that “one more” educational session and received the Kicks and Whacks she spoke of, then she would still be on the same path and not seen things from a different perspective.

That is what makes this conference so important and special!

It is not just education and information that you apply to your professional development, but it is life lessons, advice that can take you down a different path, and learning the selfless acts of others such as Jon Katov, a guest presenter at the Executive Round Table and founder and CEO of The Open Table, who shared his life-changing encounter with a homeless man named Ernie.

She would have also not had the opportunity to, once again, reflect on the importance of each phase of the human performance technology process in a 90-minute session, thanks to Drs. James Moseley and Darlene Van Tiem.

While she was learning and revisiting old information, something was happening behind the scenes–she was sharing her wealth of knowledge with others, helping them advance their careers. A selfless act of sharing precious knowledge gained along the road and adventures of life.

This conference was, is, and will always be a great opportunity to admire others, and show off who you really are. The door of opportunity is there, and ISPI gives you the tools–you just need to use them.

Here are a few great tools we supply:

  • Opportunity to network with other industry professionals
  • Opportunity to learn from industry leaders and to stay ahead of the curve with knowledge gained
  • Opportunity to take back information and use at a future time
  • Opportunity to sit back and relax, not to worry about work, but collect your thoughts and learn something that is new in your profession
  • Opportunity to meet the people behind the journal, editors and authors alike
  • Opportunity to learn how to contribute to your professional community and become one of the movers and shakers of the industry

Are those enough reasons? Or do you need more?

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