By Brian Gresham

Keeping up with multiple versions and updates to one document can be a bit complicated and at times extremely taxing. Until a few years ago, the only way to continually work on a document was to have access to a network at all times, save on an external device, or continually email a document to yourself if you were working at multiple workstations, which made keeping up to date a never-ending task. If your work is not cloud accessible, relying on others, accessible networks, external memory, or an Internet connection to check email can be a bit of a thumb-twiddling and time-consuming adventure.

Finding an app that keeps documents up to date with multiple users can be a bit difficult at times, and the search for an affective app that can accomplish all these tasks can be a bit of a bear, to say the least. One such app that I have recently run across that not only uploads documents but applies tags and makes things feel a bit easier to find is doo.

Doo is a scanning, document storage, editing, updating, saving, info tagging, and keeping connected app for a smart enabled device or desktop. Doo enables the users to stay connected to local document folders as well as cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and your email accounts that can access all your documents at once.

Documents can be scanned with your mobile device or with a scanner as searchable PDFs into your directed storage location. The doo app automatically applies OCR, text extraction, and auto tagging to each document. The auto tagging is an intelligent search feature that doo applies to each document, scanning for company names, document types and formats, people, and places and organizes your document accordingly. After each document is tagged and uploaded, doo can assist in accessing, finding, working with, editing, and sharing any of your docs in any of your connected device locations.

The app offers an optional doo synch that keeps all the documents, including their tags, synchronized across your different devices and connected to your doo account.

Security is always an important feature of any app that involves multiple platforms and is accessible by the cloud. Doo is advertised to have the strictest security standards and encryption technologies, ensuring documents are safely secured.
Available for Mac OS X, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad, Android

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