Are you looking for that next great job opportunity that could be around the corner? Have an opening in your group, department or company that should be filled by an HPT professional or Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)? Look no further than the ISPI Career Center. According to the article Job Boards are Down and Not Out (1) by Sarah F. Gale, big boards such as Monster and Careerbuilder are no longer the starting pint for potential job candidates. Instead, the more committed seekers have “abandon(ed) the big boards, turning instead to social media, referrals, and niche recruiting sites for job leads.” That’s where ISPI’s Career Center comes in. Our job board has new open positions added almost daily. Employers posting on our Career Center site are anxious for qualified applicants and by posting a resume on our site, employers can find you and make it easy for you to apply for their specialized jobs.

The ISPI Career Center can do the work for you -create a personal job alert and new jobs that match your search criteria will be emailed directly to you.

Job Alert benefits include:

  • Matching jobs to your customized criteria
  • Notifying you when potential opportunities become available
  • Allowing you to focus on other activities like networking

Have an opening you need filled by a member of the PI community? The ISPI Career Center allows you to look for niche professionals in the field and as an ISPI member, you have the opportunity to save money on our products and services, such as Career Center postings. Your time is valuable and in short supply. Use our board to save resources by looking for the right candidates that are looking for you.

For more information about the ISPI Career Center and ISPI membership, please click here or contact Robin M. Stimson at She can also be reached by calling (301) 587-8570, ext. 109.