Welcome to the August issue of the Performance Improvement journal (PIJ). This great issue is jam-packed with must-read articles from Allen Jones; Julianne Manchester; Giuseppe Maria Russo, PhD; Patricia Amélia Tomei, PhD; Antonio Braga José Linhares; André Moreira Santos; and Susan P. Johnstal, PhD.

Darlene Van Tiem, CPT, PhD, and James Moseley, CPT, EdD, could not have said it better:

It’s a month of transitioning back to school. It’s a month of evaluating where you are and strategically thinking about and planning where you see yourself heading on the road to advancement. It’s a time to focus on a vision of what you want to be and do and decide how to get there. It’s a time to paint your personal portfolio with beautiful poppies and gladioli at work and at home and begin to experience the creative beauty of our precious world. The articles selected for this issue can help readers make positive transitions both in the corporate world and in their personal lives.” (2013, p. 2)

Pull up a chair and get cozy in a corner and see what the PIJ is all about.

Increasing Adult Learner Motivation for Completing Self-Directed E-Learning
By Allen R. Jones

This article explores methods organizations can use to increase self-directed e-learning completion rates and overall satisfaction. It focuses on three main areas of application: (a) increasing organizational support and positive initial user expectations, (b) reducing factors that lead to learner mental overload, and (c) designing motivational strategies into the learning content. Although applicable as general principles, relevent strategies, theories, and models are discussed with a focus on organizations offering technical product training for their clients.

Evaluating Evidence-Based Practice Behaviors in Team Contexts
Julianne Manchester PhD

The article explores the application of the Hall and Hord (2010) levels of use model to the context of interprofessional teams in health care settings. The discussion provides a framework for evaluating the progression of evidence-based practice behaviors over time. Although several forms of guidance exist for measuring the strength and characteristics of health care teams, there do not appear to be frameworks in place for assessing the evolution of evidence-based practices in a team context.

Correlation Between Organizational Culture and Compensation Strategies Using Charles Handy’s Typology
By Giuseppe Maria Russo PhD, Patricia Amélia Tomei PhD, Antonio Braga José Linhares, André Moreira Santos

Alignment between management strategies, policies, and practices with organizational cultures holds great potential to meet the challenges of retaining professionals and maintaining their commitment. In this article, authors consider that when it is aligned with company strategy, compensation acts as an incentive for developing common visions within organizational culture.

Successful Strategies for Transfer of Learned Leadership
By Susan P. Johnstal PhD

To support organizational efforts in leadership development, performance improvement professionals must be prepared to use a variety of development methods along with the right mix of strategies that enhance learning transfer. Regardless of the development methods used, leadership development programs that incorporate strategies to enhance learning transfer in the areas of leadership support, evaluation, and organizational issues are likely to be more successful than development programs that ignore transfer barriers in these critical areas.

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Van Tiem, D., & Moseley, J. (2013). August: More than Poppies and Gladiola Performance Improvement, 52.7, Page 2