By Brian Gresham

Another month has come and gone, and, as you know, I am always on the lookout for new and overlooked or even popular apps that can give you a leg up in staying ahead. I searched high and low, and here are a few apps that will improve the way you perform in your daily activities. Simple little actions that will improve your personal and professional lives–ranging from saving new (and old) contacts, keeping on top of writing projects, managing customer relationships, and locking up important files.

XWord Free–Fantastic Word Processor 


XWord (free) is a nifty word processing app that is an alternative to the more expensive and higher end word processors. It is capable of the basic functions of word processing including form layout, text layout, writing tools, color options, full screen editing, word count and page numbering, auto save functions, and bulleted and number lists. XWord can also export documents into PDF, DOC, RTF, RTFD, and HTML and supports all image formats. XWord is also capable of supporting the iCloud, which is good for keeping documents up to date across all your devices.

XWord-Free | Free app

XWord Pro is an additional application available with a few more features including date stamped back-ups; selection of text by text, paragraph, and color style; special characters; and find-and-replace features.

XWord | $9.99 app


CardMunchHere is an app brought to the user by LinkedIn. The user can take a picture with the CardMunch app and a business card is converted to a contact automatically. The platform also shows the user his or her new connections LinkedIn profile information and connections in common. The only drawback there could be to this app is the user has to have a LinkedIn profile, or he or she will not be able to benefit from the full use of the app. However, most professionals are on LinkedIn and this would be the perfect application if you are to expand your digital professional network and your “rolodex.”

CardMunch | Free app

Standard CRM 7.0

StandardCRMStandard CRM (customer relationship management) is designed for small and medium enterprises. The Standard CRM application organizes, automates, and synchronizes customer relationship management activities including contact management, document management, graphical calendars, and task management. The Standard CRM was designed to work cross platform and is mobile to keep access available in an office setting or while traveling. Data stay safe with security in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The app comes with all relevant tutorials and user guides to prevent any guess work by users. Standard CRM is available as a stand-alone application or as a platform that can be extended to include everyting in the Standard and Enterprise ranges. The optional extras included analysis, customer dashboards, knowledge management, quotations and pipeline management, scheduling, Skype integration, and workflow.

Standard CRM 7.0 | Pay as you go app

DriveLock File Protection

DrivelockDriveLock File Protection lets you encrypt your files with state-of-the-art encryption using AES-256.

Each file is encrypted individually and makes DriveLock encrypted folders perfect for use in cloud storages. Only modified files will need to be synced, so working with encrypted folders is just as fast and convenient as working with unencrypted files.

Put your encrypted folder on your Dropbox™, SkyDrive™, Google Drive™, or just any USB stick to securely share your files with your friends or customers.

Use DriveLock File Protection together with DriveLock for Windows and iOS (sold separately) and you can easily and securely exchange sensitive data across all major platforms.

DriveLock File Protection | Free app