During THE Performance Improvement Conference in Reno, ISPI attendees had a sneak preview of the revised CPT Performance Standards, and the CPT Workshop served as a pilot for our new materials. Since April, the staff and Certification and Accreditation Governance Committee (CAGC) have worked to put the finishing touches on public-facing documents, hosted a second CPT Workshop in Atlanta, and conducted a pilot reviewer training session. All of this leads up to a public announcement on September 4, 2013, in the Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC, and a September special issue of Performance Improvement journal.

“It is important to focus on the fact that an inclusive, thoughtful, data-driven process was used to create changes with regards to the Standards,” remarked CAGC Chair Andrea Moore. The updates were identified through the results of a worldwide validation study of the work of HPT conducted by a neutral third party. The CAGC reviewed the results in detail and charged the CPT Subcommittee to make the required changes. The CPT Subcommittee leveraged taskforces to accommodate the tight timeline and the need for significant synchronous discussion and agreement.  All changes to the Standards were funneled through multiple approval cycles including the CPT Subcommittee (more than once) and the CAGC (more than once) with the final recommendations approved by the Board of Directors. The CPT Subcommittee presented the revised Standards and application to the staff, where an editor reviewed the language and suggested minor adjustments to emphasize clarity and consistency.

ISPI would like to thank the following volunteers–key to the success of this launch.

CPT Standards Taskforce

  • Dawn Snyder, Chair
  • Tim Brock
  • Holly Burkett
  • Charlotte Chase
  • Pat Rasile

Editors to Plain Language and Global English Standards

  • Sharon Gander
  • Judy Hale

CPT Application Taskforce

  • Tim Brock, Chair
  • Kathryn Adams
  • Cathy Brown
  • Julie Capsambelis
  • Dean Larson
  • Liliane Lessard
  • Dawn Snyder

CPT Subcommittee

  • Dawn Snyder, Chair
  • Pat Rasile, Deputy Chair
  • Kathryn Adams
  • Vince Araujo
  • Tim Brock
  • Carol Lynn Judge
  • Keri Mortensen


  • Rob Foshay/Andrea Moore, Chairs
  • Donna Crisp, Deputy Chair
  • Cathy Brown, Board Liaison
  • Gay Bruhn, Staff Liaison
  • Vince Araujo/Kathryn Adams
  • Charlotte Chase
  • Richard Holman
  • Rob Foshay
  • John Schehl
  • Dawn Snyder

If you have a moment, take a look a what a recent applicant said was a much more “clear and complete” website: www.ispi.org/cpt.