EventDawnEvent planning takes time, energy, effort, and the ability to be mobile. Scratching down notes these days is a thing of the past. Here is a different, more tech savvy way to stay on top of thoughts while on the go–EventDawn. This nifty application is useful for anyone planning events, both large and small. EventDawn allows the user to create binders that hold forms, plans, contracts, and contacts.

Event binders are created completely within the application. As you create, the application allows the user to edit, save, view, print, and share information with all parties involved including venders, other planners, and invitees.

The application allows the user to create event forms that are APEX-friendly designed by planners at the Convention Industry Council. The available forms include invoices that hold all the key information needed by most venders. Each form available is standard for communicating event information with hotels, airlines, caterers, and more. Each bill can be kept electronically or printed.

EventDawn also offers a feature to create and publish registration pages for open events to keep track of those that are attending and also to create and send invitations for private gatherings. After each page is created, the user has the benefit of real-time updates to track attendance, revenue, and cost for every event and function.

The application also offers a print feature so you can keep a binder with you at all times, if you wish, and share the information this way; and you will have a digital backup.