Announcing the 2013 Simulation Client and Concurrent Sessions–Improving Performance in Emerging Markets

ISPI EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) invites you to join us in Tbilisi, Georgia, for our 11th conference  September 26-28, 2013!

For anyone who missed last month’s article about the ISPI EMEA conference in Tbilisi, we most cordially invite you to visit our blog at or our conference website at, where you will be able to view a video containing participant reactions and read feedback from our 2012 conference and learn about plans for 2013 in Tbilisi, Georgia. We believe that what you will learn about our innovative, active-interactive format will capture your attention and, hopefully, spark your imagination. If you decide to join us in Tbilisi, you too can become part of what is sure to be an exciting learning and sharing event. The following is a sample of what you will experience at the ISPI EMEA Tbilisi conference: 

  • Simulation–running throughout the conference (see below)
  • Senior executive panel
  • Smorgasbord event–short presentations over lunch
  • Keynote presentation
  • Concurrent sessions–refer to the table of facilitators and their topics at the end of this article

A Challenging and Engaging New Simulation–Georgian NCEQE (National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement)

One of the highlights of ISPI EMEA conferences is always the simulation that runs throughout, beginning during the opening session (September 26) with an introduction to the simulation process and an overview of the client organization. We have traditionally built our simulations on real client engagements that have been already completed.

Beginning in Skopje (2011), participants benefited greatly by having executives representing the actual client participate in the simulation. This year representatives of the client organization will again actively participate. However, this time the client has never commissioned a performance project from consultants with human performance technology (HPT) tools and skills. The client representatives will present teams with the reality of their organization and its operations, including the issues they are facing right now! You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to work with a real public sector client on currently pressing issues.

Would you like to have the chance to work with a diverse multinational team to help a real client, facing currently pressing issues, in the emerging market of Tbilisi?

Here is your chance! The simulation affords participants with the opportunity to hone their skills by learning from conference presenters, other participants, and, of course, simulation teammates (for those who choose to work on a team). It provides teams with a “safe,” but very rich and real, environment in which to grow, develop, and network!

The LEPL (Legal Entity of Public Law) – NCEQE was founded on September 1, 2010, under the Law of Georgia on EQE (Educational Quality Enhancement) and is the legal successor of the LEPL – National Center for Educational Accreditation.

The NCEQE is independent in its activities. It operates according to publicity and transparency principles and is guided by the Constitution of Georgia, international treaties and agreements of Georgia, the Law of Georgia on EQE and other legislative acts, NCEQE Statute, approved by the Ministry and other legal acts.

A few examples of NCEQE goals are as follows:

  • Promotion of the formation of internal mechanisms of educational quality assurance, implementation of external mechanisms and their further improvement in cooperation with educational institutions and other stakeholders
  • Promotion of the integration of Georgian educational institutions into international educational space and improvement of confidence in them
  • Ensuring the reliability of credentials and interconnection between awarded qualifications and labor market

Whether you join a team or decide to observe, you will surely benefit from the 2013 Tbilisi Conference simulation!
Check our ISPI EMEA blog at or our conference website at to learn about the simulation team leaders, who are currently being selected and will be introduced soon.

Concurrent Session Facilitators and Topics
The conference will also feature concurrent sessions on a range of topics, all relevant to performance improvement, in particular, in emerging markets. Take a look at more compelling reasons to mark your calendar, register for the conference, and join us in Tbilisi.

Presenter/Facilitator Title & Organization Session Title
Roger Addison, CPT, PhD Chief Performance Officer and Performance Architect, Addison Consulting Performance Architecture: Analysis–Solving the Right Problem or Opportunity
Kevin Carew, CPTMaja Petkovska, CPT, MBA Senior Advisor, World Learning, LiberiaPerformance Improvement Specialist, World Learning, Washington, DC “Accompaniment” in Performance Improvement: When and How Does the “Relationship” Graduate?
David Colvin, MPS CEO, IBI International Improving Performance in Low Capacity & Fragile States: A Case Study on Applying Human Performance Technology in Liberia
Paul W. Combs, PhD Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration, Marymount University Improving Performance in Emerging Markets: What We Know & What We Need to Know in a Transnational Economy
Tanja Georgievska, CPTGulnura Djanybaeva, MBA, MA HICD DirectorDeputy Chief of PartyUSAID REFORMA Project (Deloitte) Systemic Approach: A Way toward Success in Sector Development in Emerging Markets
Michael JackJonathan Geense, MA Director, Training and Development, Chemonics InternationalAssociate, Caucasus and Central Asia, Chemonics International Culture Proofing: Making Your Interventions Relevant Across Cultures
Vincent Kaabunga Knowledge Management Specialist, USAID COMPETE Project (Chemonics) A Maturity Model Approach to Institutional Development
Sylvia Lee Principal, Kieran/Patrick Consulting Becoming a High-Performance Organization: A Framework for Success
Margo Murray, CPT, MBA, C-EI President & CEO, MMHA The Managers’ Mentors, Inc. Mentoring Beyond Borders with Performance Improvement Partnerships
Belia Nel, CPT Managing Director, ImproviD Performance Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Balancing People, Profit, Performance, and Appraisals in Emerging Markets:  Revamp your Performance Management System to Leverage Results–A Case Study
Lucy Newman, CPT, MBA, PhD MD/CEO, FITC Evidence Based Repositioning of FITC
M. Mari Novak Partner, KNO Worldwide Utilizing the Principles of Performance Improvement
Randal Joy Thompson, CPT, MA, MBA Director, HICD–Development and Training Services (dTS) Appreciative Inquiry for Performance Improvement in Emerging Markets
Corey M. Welch, CPT, PhD Senior Manager, Partner Training–SunPower Corporation Perceptions of Value: Making Educated Performance Improvement Choices
Catherine ZaranisJim Rich Chief Performance Guru, Perform-Link, LLCConsultant, Battle Resource Management, Inc. SPaDDIE: Working to Demystify Human Performance Improvement in Emerging Markets

Again, remember that we intentionally limit the size of our conferences.

We do this to ensure that all participants get the full value from these unique events, where our participants are every bit as knowledgeable and experienced as our presenters and as important to the success of these world-class learning and sharing opportunities.

We invite YOU to become part of a select group this year in Tbilisi.
Plan to learn, share, and grow with ISPI EMEA and our host-partners Chemonics and USAID, September 26-28, 2013, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We look forward to meeting you in Tbilisi!


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