It is that time of year when the ISPI committees, groups, sub-committees, task forces, and advisory boards are again buzzing with activity, and the momentum is building. It reminds me of riding a roller coaster. Right now we are slowly and methodically climbing a peak. I can practically hear the clicking sounds as our passenger trains ascend. The anticipation is building toward a wild ride, and I cannot wait to enjoy the experience.

As chairman of the Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC), I am happy to share some Society news regarding the direction and purpose of the EPC, and to ask for your help.

The mission of the EPC is to increase the presence and involvement of emerging professionals at THE Performance Improvement Conference as well as members of ISPI and ISPI local chapters. We must recruit, engage, and retain human performance technology (HPT) newcomers (emerging professionals) to ISPI as members, educational event attendees, and volunteers. Doing so will help prepare the next generation of HPT practitioners to sustain the ISPI history and vision, and uphold our standards of practice for generations to come. Emerging professionals also provide new ideas and new technologies needed to keep ISPI’s knowledge relevant and fresh.

I would like to put the onus on all of you dedicated Society members out in the world reading this to consider one or two colleagues who are relatively new to performance improvement as a profession and who would truly benefit from getting involved with ISPI. ISPI members consistently remark that it is these connections and the personal access to all of the experts in the field that not only draw them in as new members, but keep them coming back for more. Will you help us keep this great ISPI tradition alive?

Do some emerging HPT professionals come to mind? Can you picture their faces when you tell them about the ethos of ISPI–the leading professional association in their field–and what a great networking resource ISPI is? I am sure you can picture them smiling–and I will be too, if you link me up with them through ISPI Collaborate, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, email, telephone, or any other way. I am ready to meet these emerging professionals where they are most comfortable, and welcome them into our profession. Will you connect us?

I enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with the entire Society! I anticipate that I will be swimming in valuable feedback, connections, and advice from our members. Please provide any advice, ideas, information, or other feedback in the comment section, and I will do everything I can to take the best ideas and fuse them into our vision for achieving the EPC mission.

For more information about the Emerging Professionals committee contact Mike Blahnik (, Janet Buckenmeyer ( or Brian Gresham (