Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD

By the end of July, ISPI will post the 2014 Award of Excellence applications. As a chapter leader, you should review the application even if your chapter is not ready to apply. ISPI members designed the application based on past successful chapters. By reviewing the application, you might identify ways to improve how your chapter manages your governance, membership, communications, finances, programming, marketing, and public relations.

If you intend to apply, email with the subject line, Non-Binding Intent Award, so that ISPI can estimate the number of needed evaluators and to alert ISPI to watch for your application. Refer to the website for further instructions.

2014 Award Application Deadline: October 13, 2013

Recognizing the 2013 Chapters of Excellence
We had seven 2013 Chapters of Excellence with some as repeat recipients. As part of your strategy to become a chapter of excellence, you may want to contact their chapter boards for support while going through the application process.
Here are some highlights from their application description:

  • Armed Forces Chapter provided several webinars focusing on one or more of the 10 performance improvement standards. With 125+ members (military, consultants, emergency services, and contractors), more than 30% members have the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation. For more information, contact John Wyville, president.
  • Capella University Virtual Chapter provides value-added services that benefit the members, faculty, ISPI, and alumni and serves as a role model to other chapters by sharing best practices and advising when requested. Capella has more than 300 members. For more information, contact Sue Czeropski, CPT, president.
  • Central Florida Chapter provides affordable professional development focusing on the human performance technology (HPT) standards. Nationally recognized leaders in performance improvement facilitate their evening events at the JetBlue University. The chapter also provides professional development through volunteer opportunities through committee activities and peer networking. For more information, contact Peggy Meli, president.
  • In 2012, the Michigan Chapter focused on outreach to the student community by providing attractive membership rates, program fees, and career-focused panel discussions. The chapter also added associate board positions allowing interested members to join the board meetings in an observation or learning mode before taking on a regular board position. For more information, contact Paul Flynn, president.
  • Potomac Chapter promotes programs to 14 area institutions as well as educational institutions. Their monthly programs cover HPT topics. The chapter also promotes the CPT designation through their programming and offers support for members who apply for the designation. For more information, contact Sara Tarr, president.
  • South Florida Chapter has a marketing campaign to promote its programs to more than 1,000 companies through email and phone calls. The chapter’s website is designed to read like an upbeat newsletter with enjoyable, interactive content. The chapter hosts nationally recognized experts with programming taking place at a prominent university. For more information, contact George Koehn, president.