Are you finding it a challenge to keep up, professionally? Got a stack of books and articles you keep meaning to get to? Let ISPI provide that vital professional boost with our archived SkillCast series available to members as a great skill and educational building benefit.

What is a SkillCast? A SkillCast is a 60 minute educational webinar session designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the Performance improvement Professional. So put away the stacks of books, sit back and watch one of these great educational and skill building webinar sessions! These are great benefits for ISPI members that are available on Collaborate.

  • Log on to Collaborate (it is the same log-on as your log-on to
  • Select Communities in the top selection, third over
  • Scroll down to PI for Members Only
  • Select the third tab over “Libraries 80”
  • Select the first folder “Webinars”

Here is an example of one great SkillCast webinar:

How to Use HPT to Navigate the Gray Space for Positive Change with Deb Page and Judith Hale
This session is about how to use 12 steps to influence decisions and collaborate with stakeholders for positive change. Driving positive change and innovating solutions doesn’t require sitting atop an organization chart or even working inside an organization that owns the outcomes that impact a cause you seek to serve. Working in the gray spaces of your organization, between the boxes, matrices, silos, and power flows, you can become a catalyst of change and a valued problem-solver. Gray Space Organizations are created and work in the gap between organizations that are the authorized “owners” of social and public issues to drive positive change. Gradually, these gray space navigators influence the actions and decisions of owners and stakeholders, convert the “owners” to clients, or leverage their strengths and weaknesses to make needed changes happen. Gray Space organizations use social entrepreneurial approaches to work for the greater good. Social entrepreneurs are willing to assume personal and organizational risk to make needed changes happen. They embrace risk and reward, and are compelled to solve the problems which impact their world.

Log on to Collaborate and start enjoying this great Members Only Benefit and stay tuned into and our social media outlets for updates on a new series with dates and topics—coming soon! Keep up with ISPI on twitter @ISPI1962 and follow or follow our hashtag #SkillCast.

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