MeWithPipeDr Tim Brock, CPT, interviewed by Gary DePaul

Tim Brock, the May 2013 to April 2014 Chapters Partnership Committee (CPC) chair, discusses his vision and direction for supporting our chapters and the Society. For chapters, please share with your boards. We look forward to a great term.

Our chapter members and international members have a tremendous amount of wisdom about and experiences with human performance technology (HPT), stewardship practice, and association governance. To do our part, the CPC envisions working to unleash this wisdom so that international members can help chapter boards, chapter boards can help each other, and chapters as a whole can help ISPI International.

2013-14 CPC goals
CPC wants to strengthen and grow our Society by strengthening and growing our chapters. The CPC wants to:

  • Enable chapters to align to and grow the One Society vision
  • Revise the Chapter/International Affiliation Agreement (standards) to clarify and communicate roles and responsibility for achieving the desired One Society results and outcomes
  • Establish greater collaborative accountability for chapters/international


  • The International Board is still defining and evolving the One Society direction. With the changes, international and chapters need to be adaptable to support the changes.
  • Our chapter platforms are more diverse. In the past, chapters were limited to face-to-face brick-and-mortar structures. Now we see more virtual chapters, academic-sponsored chapters, and corporate-sponsored chapters. The CPC is challenged with how to best support the different types of members and how to ensure that all align to One Society objectives.
  • During the past couple of years, we have seen more chapters with sustainability challenges. Some chapters recently awarded for excellence now struggle to survive. Other chapters struggle year after year. We want to find ways to connect our strong chapters with struggling and emerging chapters to build relationships and to help each other. For example, we would like to see chapter boards network and identify tactics to mitigate repeated and shared problems.
  • We have several common themes of chapter governance challenges. We would like for our chapters to work together to remedy them at a higher level and help emerging chapters avoid them.
  • Too many chapters think that they are alone (only meet during annual conference). We need to find ways to improve chapter and international connectivity.


  • Develop personal ways to network.
  • Establish some type of newsletter about things happening in the Society using a push approach rather than a pull approach.
  • Socialize chapter boards by using Collaborate (the ISPI social media platform). For the CPC section, we need to improve how we use it. We need to not only share successful practices at the Chapter Leaders Workshop (CLW) but need to make these practices available in Collaborate.
  • Update the proven Chapter-In-a-Box, such as examples to successfully start new chapters, reboot struggling chapters, and sustain growing chapters.
  • We do not have a good handle on knowledge management. There is much wisdom that is floating between ears or marooned in a cyber-dungeon. Our problem is finding the resources.
  • We know that chapters want to have conference calls, but we want to have them when we have a specific purpose (not having calls for sake of calls). Chapter leaders want to exchange ideas but not have a formal lecture.
  • We need to find ways to better leverage the expertise our chapter ambassador program offers and view the ambassadors more as consultants for chapters. We need to shape the thinking of our chapter leaders and members to become our Society ambassadors in daily contact with organizations, professionals, and students who can benefit from learning about and applying the art and science of our chosen profession.