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Darlene M. Van Tiem and James L. Moseley

Welcome to the double-month issue, May/June of the Performance Improvement journal. This issue is packed with ground-shaking articles from Jacques Ascher and his Training Transfer, along with a journey from Frank Fu, Hong Yi, and Nanji Zhai into the Training to Improve New Product Sales Performance that will keep the pages turning. Jim Hill lets us in on insight into the cloud, and Mariano Bernardez and Roger Kaufman bring us into turning Social Capital into Social Performance.

This is a great issue packed with a lot of information that will provide you with hours of mind-stimulating and thought-provoking reading. Pull up a comfortable chair, grab a cup of tea, and let your mind wander with these great articles.

Training Transfer: A Suggested Course of Action for Local Authorities to Leverage Performance
By Jacques Ascher

Maximization of training influence on individual performance through changes in employee knowledge, skills, and abilities is a paramount concern of organizations. However, training without implementation in a work setting cannot achieve its goals. In this article, the author maps the primary factors that influence transfer of what is learned in training to work settings and provides some evidence-based recommendations and implications for improved performance.

Training to Improve New Product Sales Performance: The Case of Samsung in China
By Frank Q. Fu, PhD, Hong Yi, CPT, and Nanji Zhai

The authors report a case study conducted with over 8,000 Samsung salespeople in the Chinese market. Using research-oriented, evidence-based, and systematic approaches, training professionals contributed to Samsung’s business outcomes at multiple levels. The case highlights the valuable impacts of training on salespeople’s behaviors and new product sales performance and provides meaningful implications for trainers as they strive to be relevant to their business partners.

Using the Cloud to Accelerate Transformation and Influence Change
By Jim Hill

To improve organizational performance, influence change, and accelerate transformation, executives and their teams need timely, accurate, and unbiased information. Good information, delivered at incredible speed, provides the ability to make better and faster decisions relative to the competition. Continuous performance improvement, powered by cloud technologies, helps organizations move from static lists to informed decision making and accelerated results. Cloud computing is based on the processing and storage of data and information external to the organization.

Turning Social Capital Into Social Performance: Three Case Studies and a New Framework for Value Creation
Mariano L. Bernardez and Roger Kaufman

Sociologists, political scientists, and economists have described different dimensions and functions of social capital from their disciplinary perspectives, emphasizing the value and impact of social relationships, governance institutions, or efficient and reliable economic transactions, respectively. In this article, we propose to integrate all three perspectives and the research accumulated in those fields in a common, practical framework for effectively using social capital assets in producing value-adding social and organizational performance.

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