Recertification applications are due on June 15 for CPTs whose anniversary falls between November 16 and June 15.

CPTs must recertify every three years to maintain their credential. To recertify, you need to complete a recertification application and pay a fee. The recertification application is a record of continuing professional education, service as a volunteer leader, and/or contributions to the field as a presenter or author. Each is worth one or more recertification points. Over the three-year certification period, you must earn 40 recertification points. The application provides additional details about point values awarded for each kind of activity. The fee is $175 for ISPI members and $350 for non-members.

There is an additional fee of $100 for applications that are submitted within six months of June 15. After the six-month period, former CPTs will have to reinstate their CPT by submitting one project that demonstrates their use of all 10 Standards of Performance Technology. The fee for reinstatement is $395.


Angelique Reylyn Bents, CPT, Medtronic Inc.
Carl Binder, CPT, PhD, The Performance Thinking Network
Patrick Coughlin, CPT, Independent Consultant
Susan L. DeLuca, CPT,
Joseph Durzo, CPT, PhD, Energie, LLC
Debra S. Haney, CPT, PhD,
Letetia Davis Liggins, CPT, Letetia Liggins Performance Technology LLC
Gordon James Henry Newman, CPT, The Newman Learning Group Inc
Shaunda Rae Paden, CPT, DesignComm Inc
Patti P. Phillips, CPT, PhD, ROI Institute, Inc.
Daniel A. Raymond, Jr., CPT, Performance Plus Inc
Elaine M. Steiner, CPT, Chanel Inc.


Randal Joy Thompson, CPT, Development and Training Associates