One of the most frequently asked questions following a public offering of an ISPI program is, can ISPI come to my organization and teach this course? The answer is yes!

An ISPI in-house program allows for a rich learning environment sculpted to the work individuals within your organization are currently engaged. The benefits of an in-house program are tremendous.

According to organizations that have conducted in-house programs, benefits include:

  • Receive a uniform message
  • Establish a common language
  • Apply performance improvement techniques to business issues relevant to the organization
  • Analyze organization’s case studies for more immediate comprehension
  • Save on employee travel costs by bringing ISPI to our location
  • Continue education with post-program support; and for the CPT Workshop, up to two hours of online coaching from CPTs

Host an in-house program in Principles and Practices, Preparing for the CPT, and Developing an HR Optimization Plan.

For more information or to schedule an in-house program for your organization, contact ISPI at 301-587-8570 or email