By Brian Gresham

The annual conference has always been an amazing week-long adventure that blurs into one day of constant motion. The running around from one place to the next, jumping through fiery hoops, scaling stairs in a single pounce, delivering printed materials to the next room, making sure all the rooms are set up correctly, tweeting, “Facebooking,” posting on LinkedIn, and helping attendees find the correct course is, for a lesser use of the word, awesome! It is always worth it to me to see something that has taken so long in planning finally come together.

With this coming together and all of the running around, I get the opportunity to watch people interact. I enjoy sitting back in my free time and just watching people. I tend to consider myself the “silent observer,” which gives me many opportunities to see great interaction with people.

Seeing people make their first connection or reuniting with colleagues and friends always puts a smile on my face. The interaction is like fireworks in most cases, the handshake, the big smile, and conversation that spills over into post-conference time and produces great networking. This is what ISPI’s conferences are all about–learning, sharing, teaching, and networking. One such great example is Jaeyoung (Jay) Chung from the LG Academy meeting Lisa Toenniges. This was Jay’s first conference and his goal of understanding and broadening his human performance technology skills and applying them to management in his department was achieved. During the conference a connection was made and continued, and Lisa received a lovely email and photo that will supply a lifetime of memories!

I was not there for this event, but wish I had been!

This, to me, is what the conference is all about.