By Jessica Charles

When I was approached to write articles about ISPI Collaborate, I was very excited. I admit, my writing is a bit rusty, but I figured I had majored in journalism, so I might as well put it to the test. After my initial excitement wore off, the fear crept in. What am I going to write about? Can I do it justice? As I began my journey, I tried navigating ISPI Collaborate like a ghost because I did not want to interfere with those using the platform. I looked in on everything, but never engaged. I became fluent in how ISPI Collaborate worked, but still lacked the knowledge to write a piece that would do it justice. I can spend months providing members with the how-to’s of Collaborate, but I could not tell them the why from a member’s perspective. So I reached out to those using Collaborate for help. Dr. Lucy Suryel Newman, CPT, kindly offered to share her experience as an ISPI member and performance improvement professional using ISPI Collaborate and why you should use it as well.

Why do you feel ISPI members should use Collaborate?

I feel ISPI members should use ISPI Collaborate because it provides a communal platform as a knowledge resource on materials and discussion threads on various subjects by optional thematic groups and communities. In view of this, it is easy to keep track of discussion threads and news groups for easy referral.

What is the best thing about Collaborate and what is the worst?

For me, the best thing about ISPI Collaborate is that my profile on ISPI Collaborate synchronizes with my profile on LinkedIn! So, one upload is all I need. Another great thing is how it integrates with my membership database, which makes it easy for me to register for events, make purchases, etc., online and be able to search historical transactions.

The worst thing is that ISPI members are taking so long in trying ISPI Collaborate or even migrating to this “family kitchen table”! For instance, volunteering is also now much easier and keeping within the network is more fun. I wish there is a way to make members, especially, know what they are missing.

What do you primarily use Collaborate for?

I use ISPI Collaborate to communicate within my respective sign-on communities. It is much easier than sending emails, because vital discussions tend to get lost in my usual email inbox.

Words of advice for those apprehensive about using Collaborate?

Just set up a profile and give it a one-week trial. If disappointed, delist; and if pleased, make sure you tell at least three other people what you found!

Anything else you would like to add about the platform?

A big thank you to the team that set it up. There is so much we can derive from it. For instance, I look forward to seeing a “mentors” community that, for instance, emerging professional performance improvement practitioners could access globally. Let’s make ISPI Collaborate operationally effective and functional at optimal capacity.

Why did you begin using Collaborate?

Brett, my colleague on the Board, actually encouraged us to check out ISPI Collaborate when it became ready, and my curious nature did the rest in getting me onto the platform.