Are you a budding professional or new to the performance improvement field? If so, sign up for the fifth annual Emerging Professionals Speed Mentoring Session on Sunday, April 14, from 3:00–5:00 pm at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2013 in Reno, Nevada. Connect with dedicated ISPI professionals in these mini-introductory sessions. Mentors will answer your questions and provide insightful advice and guidance. They will introduce you to other experts in the field and help orient you through the conference as their schedule allows.

The Speed Mentoring Session consists of four 15-minute rounds; each round introducing the mentee to a new mentor. For the first three rounds, the mentor-mentee matchups are determined by seating. The fourth round is a “mentee’s choice” round. Mentees are encouraged to prepare to share concise highlights of their experience and career interests with their prospective mentors. The session will end with a 30-minute mix-and-mingle session, during which the mentees and mentors can schedule follow-up meetings and network with other participants.

“Speed Mentoring was a very beneficial experience for me. I had the opportunity as a first year PhD student–which I don’t often get–to speak with consultants from a mentoring perspective. I got to hear about their experiences, their work histories, and how their education and work experiences translate into the human performance arena and consulting. Their advice has been really helpful and I’m looking forward to maintaining these relationships that I started here at the conference.”
–Elizabeth Shakespeare

“My Speed Mentoring sessions showed me that the industry is so wide and there are so many opportunities out there. Coming as a novice, I’m still not sure where my interests lie. The people I spoke to showed me what a huge spectrum there is. What they do, what their passion is–it just reinforces how much possibility there is and it gives me confidence in my decision to be here. It was a fantastic experience.”
–Davina Davies, Learning Specialist

Reservations are required to participate. RSVP to to reserve your spot. This event is limited to emerging talent and young professionals who are registered for THE Performance Improvement Conference.