APQC-logIn 2012, ISPI was approached by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) to become an Alliance Partner to uncover leading practices and approaches associated with successful performance measurement systems.

ISPI members were given an opportunity to participate in the early stages of the study and many completed questionnaires and interviews, and made best practice suggestions.

This invaluable results report of best practices was headed up by Darcy Lemons, senior project manager, and Jonathan Kraft, project team member, both of APQC. The performance improvement subject matter expert, Chris Gardner, director, performance improvement, APQC , teamed with research champion Dr. Mathis Kirchmer, partner and executive director, business process management, Accenture, and our own Gay Bruhn EdD, director of certification and industry relations for ISPI.

The purpose of publishing this report is to provide insight into the processes and practices associated with certain issues. It should be used as an educational learning tool and is not a recipe or step-by-step procedure to be copied or duplicated in any way. This report may not represent current organizational processes, policies, or practice because changes may have occurred since the completion of this study.

Executive Summary
Successful organizations understand that to thrive in an ever-changing business environment, they must identify key risks and opportunities with timely and actionable information. Measurement is a vital tool to help business leaders uncover risks and opportunities, develop management strategies, and drive business success. An efficient and effective measurement system is essential for sustaining top business performance.

Using Metrics that Drive Bottom-Line Value, an APQC best practices study, aimed to uncover leading practices and approaches associated with successful performance measurement systems. The study team discovered a variety of measurement best practices that help organizations achieve short- and long-term goals. The practices discussed in this report support breakthrough improvement at the enterprise, operating unit, and individual staff levels.

APQC identified four organizations–Cargill Corn Milling, Delta Dental of Kansas, DM Petroleum Operations, and Public Service Electric & Gas–for their best practices in measurement. These best-practice organizations experience competitive gains and successful business outcomes as a result of their measurement practices. APQC looked for common measurement practices that differentiate these organizations from others. The following sections highlight those key practices and findings.

Best-Practice Findings
APQC research discovered several best practices primarily associated with the four best-practice organizations that participated in the study. These practices help differentiate best-practice organizations from other participants in the study.

The best practices report, Using Metrics that Drive Bottom-Line Value, is available complimentary to ISPI members ($395 value). To read the results of this report, log onto ISPI Collaborate to access the full PDF in the PI for Members Only Community section of Collaborate.