For the ISPI China Chapter, 2012—its first year—was very important. The ISPI China Chapter developed from scratch. Since its inception, the ISPI China Chapter has always adhered to ISPI’s vision and been on a mission to “accumulate, develop, and spread the knowledge ofhuman performance technology (HPT), and further the use and improvement of the relevant knowledge and skill during the course.”We hope to help the professional workers, especially the performance improvement practitioners, with their work and career to form a like-minded group.

The Foundation of the ISPI China Chapter

Starting Stage
During the starting stage, the initiators of the ISPI China Chapter abided by ISPI’s requirements: gathering people, preparing the materials, and designing the process.

First, according to ISPI’s Chapter Affiliation Agreement, we drew up the agreement for the ISPI China Chapter; second, we prepared the contract agreement with ISPI; and third, we convened the executive committee and expert committee.

Inaugural Meeting
On September 21, 2012, the inaugural meeting was held in Beijing. There were 21 honored guests, 4 online honored guests, 35 original members, and 7 honorary members attending the meeting.

The participants voted by show of hands for the vision, mission, and constitution of the ISPI China Chapter, and the chapter officers of the first session.

Participants group photo

Participants inspired a Shared Vision

Release Ceremony
We were honored to invite Jack J. Phillips, the president of ISPI at the time, to attend the release ceremony, which was also the second China Performance Improvement Conference.

There were 129 honored guests, 17 original members, and 2 honorary members attending the ceremony.

The first president of China Chapter, Mr. Luo, gave the opening address.. This was the first time that the ISPI China Chapter announced its establishment to China and the world.

Two Presidents were inaugurating for ISPI-China

Chapter Administration

First Chapter Officers

Title Name Company
President Luo Kai Wei China Merchants Bank Training Center
Vice President of Workshop Liu Zhuo Lun Sinotrac Consulting Co., Ltd.
Gu Li Min Former President of ISPI Minnesota Chapter
Vice President of Finance Wang Lin Sinotrac Consulting Co., Ltd.
Vice President of Program Xiong Jun Bin Training magazine
Ma Yong Wu Tencent College
Vice President of Online Kong Qing Bin Lenovo University
Vice President of Publication Zhao Ke Xin Wanda College
Vice President of Quality Lin Jia Shu Senior Trainer
Fu Qing Bo Sinotrac Consulting Co., Ltd.

The establishment of the presidium (chapter officers) gradually improved the system of the ISPI China Chapter, and also has laid a good foundation for the future development of the chapter.

Executive Committee Recruitment
We started to recruit staff members to work with the executive committee. So far, we have one staff member who works for the ISPI China Chapter as a full-time job.

2013 Development Plan
The presidium held the first plenary meeting. All the chapter officers discussed the 2013 development plan of the ISPI China Chapter, and formulated the implementation of the plan.

Programming and Events

Themed Salon
In 2012, we held six themed salons, covering four cities and seven companies, and recruited 57 members.

Participants interacted actively

Participants listened to the speech carefully

It helps that the ISPI China Chapter promotes ourselves and understands the needs of Chinese companies and their employees regarding performance improvement. Our first member group was established from these events

We were honored to invite Jack J. Phillips to give an ROI workshop to Chinese performance improvement practitioners.

It was basically the first time for Chinese performance improvement practitioners to learn with a real performance improvement professional; and Jack’s workshop not only illustrated performance improvement, but also encouraged them to go further on this path.

The workshop also helped us to promote our vision and spirit, and focus on the people who are potential members of the ISPI China Chapter.

A brand-new way of learning pi technology

Interactive Platform

We have already set up the website of the China Chapter, and it will be online soon. We also established a Chinese Twitter (Sina) account to answer the members’ questions and share the news of performance improvement with our members.