As the year is getting into full swing and spring is right around the corner and most people are coming out of their winter hibernation of winter, what better way to start new projects than to jump right in. Kashoo and Sign in Blue are two apps for your smart device that could help you save and skim some time off your daily, and no so daily, routine.

To make this task easier on you, we have compiled a list of 10 innovative apps that are bound to be big hits in 2013.

For the freelancer, the startup and small business, for accountants and bookkeepers, this app could be a time-saving and process-changing app.

Kashoo is complete accounting software. It is a double-entry; profit and loss statements and balance sheets update with each entry with built-in checks and balances, in addition to bank reconciliation.

Furthermore, it is reliable financial statements that instill confidence in anyone who wants or needs to take a look at your books. This could be the new way to keep your books from now on.

Kashoo is a great way to manage your business finances. A cloud-based app that is great for any time, anywhere, on your iPad and browser for businesses of all sizes.

Save time and heavy bulky programs that do not meet the abilities and accessibility that this “lightweight that packs a heavy punch” can (Kashoo website).

“Top New Product of 2013”–AccountingToday

“If you’re starting a new business or thinking about breaking from a traditional Mac or Windows small business accounting package, Kashoo’s the first place you ought to look.”–TUAW

Kashoo makes it all delightfully simple, with a clean, easy-to-use iPad® app.

Visit or for more information and to download the app.

SignInBlueSign In Blue
Sign in Blue is not currently an app available for smart devices, but a service that is worth looking into for all your e-signature needs.

Electronically transmit signatures with no more overnight deliveries or incoming faxes or emailing documents that require printing, signing, scanning, and sending back. Sign in Blue is a provider of online e-signature transactions working across several platforms and devices. It is accessible, speedy, and secure.

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