ISPI’s focus on evidence-based practices and its scientific approach to creating change and boosting performance within organizations sets it apart from other professional societies. THE Performance Improvement Conference’s Research to Practice Symposium, on Tuesday, April 16 , is specifically designed to help performance improvement practitioners learn about the latest research on the innovations and practices that drive human performance improvement. This year’s symposium centers on the Discovery of What Works. Presenters will examine and review the research professional’s need to separate fact from fancy on important issues in the workplace to achieve the best possible results for his or her organization and clients.

Participants will leave this symposium with the knowledge and practices to improve their research-based and data-driven decisions in the workplace. This year’s Research to Practice Symposium will feature presentations by Michel Baudin, Marcus W. Dickson, Ben Biermeier-Hanson, and Steven Villachica.

Learn from Expert Presenters

BaudinMMichel Baudin, MMTI and Takt Times Group
Lean, TQM, Six Sigma, TOC, Agile, BPM, and Other Improvement Systems…

Trained in engineering and applied math, Michel Baudin got his feet wet in production during the early 1980s. He later apprenticed under master Japanese consultant Kei Abe for eight years and started his own consulting group in 1996. As owner of MMTI and the Takt Times Group, Michel has made contributions in the fields of management and technology of manufacturing as a consultant, trainer, and writer. Michel’s work focuses on Lean, and encompasses consulting on implementation, teaching, and writing. 

DicksonMMarcus W. Dickson, PhD, Wayne State University
Research on Global Leadership: What Use Is It To Me and My Organization?

Marcus Dickson is professor of organizational psychology and associate department chair in the Department of Psychology at Wayne State University. Marcus’ research focuses primarily on issues of organizational leadership, especially in a cross-cultural context. He served as co-principal investigator for several years of Project GLOBE, the largest study of leadership across cultures ever conducted. Marcus teaches widely, including in executive MBA programs in the United States and abroad, and consults actively with organizations on issues of leadership selection, organizational culture, and employee development. Marcus would like to acknowledge Ben Biermeier-Hanson, doctoral candidate, Wayne State University, for his contribution to this research.

Steve Villachica, IPT, Engineering, studio portraitSteven Villachica, PhD, Boise State University
When Performance Is Fuzzy: The Critical Incident Technique

Steven Villachica is an associate professor of instructional and performance technology (IPT) at Boise State University. His research interests focus on leveraging expertise in the workplace in ways that meet organizational missions and business goals. Steven currently is working on an NSF grant to increase engineering faculty adoption of evidence-based instructional practices. A contributing editor to IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication and ETR&D, Steven completed his doctorate in educational technology at the University of Northern Colorado.