By Jessica Charles

A little over a year ago, ISPI introduced a new resource to the fold–ISPI Collaborate. This new source serves as a one-stop shop for members and nonmembers interested in receiving pertinent information. Although Collaborate has been around for quite a while, some are still hesitant to use it or do not know what it comes equipped with. Below are a few member and nonmember resources you could be taking advantage of on Collaborate.

  • In ISPI’s collaboration blog, you can see posts from leaders in performance improvement who want to share pertinent information with the masses. Most recently, our executive director, April Davis, has been using this feature to share with members and nonmembers performance improvement information. Blogs range from interesting articles to important updates and changes within ISPI. The blogs can be seen by non-ISPI members.


  • For those interested in knowing about events happening within ISPI and the ISPI Chapters, the best place to check is the events section. Updated weekly, the events section is your go-to source for finding out what is happening in the Society.


  • The HPT Glossary was introduced last year during THE Performance Improvement Conference. Spearheaded by Brett Christensen and Marci Paino, this section contains over 3,000 performance improvement words and definitions conveniently in one place, making it easy for anyone who is new to the field or anyone who just wants a quick refresher. Anyone can view the glossary, but only ISPI members can edit and add to the glossary.


  • For years, ISPI members have asked us about our archives. Unfortunately, they were all in books that we held in the office. Thanks to technology, now we have the opportunity to share those old publications with you. The first of many was shared on February1,  and we have slowly been building the online catalog. These items can be found in the recently shared section of the website, once you log in. It is a member-only resource.


  • Through Collaborate, you also have access to complimentary Skillcasts. Skillcasts are educational webinars designed to enhance your skills and knowledge of performance improvement. With over 20 Skillcasts, there is something for everyone. Skillcasts are currently a member-only resource.